Dot not get it

They did not get it. They just did not and would not get it until and unless he did something about it. What was to be done about it? A deep, deep psychological scalpel awaited all those who constantly went about the search of finding something they realized they lacked. As long as one did … Continue reading Dot not get it

The Reawakening

At long last it had happened. A human being's perception of time, originally tethered to nature's cycles of day & night, change of seasons & wind speeds, had now coalesced around the standard mechanism of the clock. Across the world, from the most progressive civilization to the most regressive, the clock has been accepted as … Continue reading The Reawakening

There is Nothing, Nothing is there

There was no joy, no anger, no feeling. There was nothing. There was no feeling, there was no pride, there was no angst, there was nothing. The man didn't feel anything. Madness gripped him out of nowhere, a spectre of debauchery haunted his thoughts every second. He wondered how much longer this would go on. … Continue reading There is Nothing, Nothing is there

Narratives to change reality

A life lived on the edge is a life well-lived, or so it was said. Philosophers have always thought about the existence of reality as it is, thereby giving wings to ancient wisdom, spirituality & modern scientific thinking. The rise of individual productivity starting from the 18th century, combined with the imperialist and colonialist eras, … Continue reading Narratives to change reality

Thoughts in Time, Save Lives

The sunshine illuminated their grinning faces like the warmth of a rekindled friendship. Some of them could not remember the last time they had seen the sun. Drenched in its glow, surrounded by frolic, their skins wrapped in winter wear, the lawns seemed to have stirred their familiarity with the earth. The individuals watched the … Continue reading Thoughts in Time, Save Lives

Re-birth, Re-creation & Re-mind

The process of writing has actively shaped our evolution since the last 5000 years. When we think about events and happenings (we always want to know - what is going on?) on a daily, minute-by-minute level (thank you instant news and media), it is easy to loose track of how months, years, decades and centuries … Continue reading Re-birth, Re-creation & Re-mind

Emotions Make Life Better

For many years, it has been commonly accepted knowledge that anxiety and depression are ravaging households and societies across the world. In developing, developed, emerging or any other label one ascribes to a nation-state or country, these metaphorical twins, anxiety and depression seem to have become an integral part of life. In fact, there are … Continue reading Emotions Make Life Better

The More We See, The Less We Know

Honour and pride. Two words that describe the state of mind felt by many from time to time, are liable to being prone to attachment. And attachment causes dependency, which in turn led to craving, and then attachment all over again. If all our lives, our interactions and choices, so to speak, were to be … Continue reading The More We See, The Less We Know

Open Minds Open The World

For as long as we can remember, we've had the feeling that there is too much happening around us. The truth is that most of it is noise. We know how a majority of the universe is composed of dark matter. Meaning, to say that a healthy part of the universe is composed of nothing. … Continue reading Open Minds Open The World

Calling the Cannabis Community of the World to Unite

Death and rebirth is all too often, happening around us all the time. Its the reason, when someone has "changed" after sometime, could be over days, weeks, months or years. That's because we change every second, from a biological point of view. New cells and neurons are being created constantly and used by our body … Continue reading Calling the Cannabis Community of the World to Unite

Come Be Part of a Meaningful Global Community

Time and tide again, the mind serves to stimulate itself. The past, present and the future dictate that we have a choice to embrace chaos and descent into hell, or start thinking and build the paradise that we can fantasize. A middle way is to make order out of chaos, or chaos from order, again … Continue reading Come Be Part of a Meaningful Global Community

Decentralize them All, and Build from Scratch

Christmas Day, 2021 dawned fresh and bright. There were many things for which men and women get up from their beds. One of them was the comfort zone of the monthly pay, credited like clockwork to their bank accounts. Banks represent the centralized institution sucking in money and allocating them to people who deserve them … Continue reading Decentralize them All, and Build from Scratch

Network-States to Complement Nation-States

It has been decided that the entire team behind this small blog will dedicate the upcoming decade towards realizing its cherished vision of building one hundred network states. Before we go ahead, what exactly is a network-state in the first place? A network-state is a decentralized collective of individuals from across the world who co-ordinate … Continue reading Network-States to Complement Nation-States

Toxicated Energy, Toxicated Economy

Little by little, the energy was coming back. All it had taken was to cut down if not downright eliminate, energy-sucking activities. The nature of energy-sucking activities can be imposed on both mental and physical levels. For example: forgetting to have water in the right amount was an energy-sucking (neglecting, rather) activity over the long-term. … Continue reading Toxicated Energy, Toxicated Economy

A Perfect Storm of Circumstances

There are many things an individual can potentially accomplish in their day to day lives. All change simply needs a subtle shift in thought. The nature of the thought will dictate how one takes the next step. There are many thoughts available for us to think on a daily basis. We often loose track of … Continue reading A Perfect Storm of Circumstances

The Important Matters of the Day

Post the third edible, a calm wave of radiation seemed to pass over the immediate surroundings. He was the last one remaining inside the 'Nomads' office. The others had seen no reason to accompany him. They were happy and done for the day; when in fact the day had just started for him. Thinking was … Continue reading The Important Matters of the Day

The World’s Largest Cannabis & Psychedelics DAO

There are many reasons why the idea of a DAO interests me. Firstly, DAOs will help in scaling the organization quickly across international physical borders. Secondly, DAOs need a native currency that will be regulated as both a security asset as well as in-network currency for multiple use cases, relevant both in the online and … Continue reading The World’s Largest Cannabis & Psychedelics DAO

Cannabis and Crypto Lover

Sins had been able to source legal edibles last week. There had been too much 'concern' about 'drugs' in the national media from time to time, over the entirety of 2021. Why exactly were the masses 'concerned' with consciousness altering substances, he did not quite understand. Claims of 'immorality' and 'lack of culture' did not … Continue reading Cannabis and Crypto Lover

Cannabis Markets in India Poised on the Brink

There exists a massive, life-changing opportunity for anyone who ventures into the legal cannabis markets of India. It is often easy to ignore the potential of cannabis from an economic point of view since the visual image of someone smoking it often draws discussions towards pleasure seeking and claims of morality. Yet, the matter on … Continue reading Cannabis Markets in India Poised on the Brink

Cannabis Apt for Web 3.0 and Crypto

The key to a good life lies in paying attention to certain things really well. The ability to pay attention is not taught to us in school and college, and indeed one of the assumptions before we start schooling is that we are already equipped to pay attention. This is seldom the case. Often, individuals … Continue reading Cannabis Apt for Web 3.0 and Crypto

The Hearty Explosion of Mundane Divine

He was disgusted with the quality of the cannabis they were scoring for themselves in the past week. Saying that he was 'dependent' was an understatement. For as long as he could remember, say a good period of a decade, cannabis smoking was more of a ritual to be looking forward to, rather than the … Continue reading The Hearty Explosion of Mundane Divine

Being Original and Being High

At this point in time, I have stopped believing in rules and regulations. This is not a statement that I make in a sense of rebellion or a streak of disobedience or any other adjective of a combative, revolting nature. I make this statement because societies and communities have always been in flux for thousands … Continue reading Being Original and Being High

Back To Writing After a 5 Month Break

He had turned 27 years old a few days ago. He was feeling good about it. As if he were just getting started with his life. And what a life. Whenever, he heard the word 'life', his thoughts would drift to the monotonous senselessness that life had seemed to be, that had so plagued him … Continue reading Back To Writing After a 5 Month Break

The Free Market Air Blows On Towards Cannabis

Source: Marijuana Moment The Great March of Policy When will Cannabis exit the 'bad drug' category permanently when it comes to the legal area? In reality, while thousands already live in an inevitable future where cannabis is completely decontrolled and the 'war on drugs' never happened; its the 'mainstream system' whose acceptance about human psychology, … Continue reading The Free Market Air Blows On Towards Cannabis

Blazed Mind, Blazed New World

On one hand, his content feed was filled with news about 5G trials; the 'metaverse' led by Epic Games; companies raising millions of dollars for being valued at billions; stock market updates (where share prices reflect the 'future') and its disconnect from the real economy (where its about the 'present'); cryptocurrencies and so on; while … Continue reading Blazed Mind, Blazed New World