Booming Sense

Malcolm felt depressed after reading the newspaper. Violence, evil and scams formed at least 20% of it, which was morally unacceptable according to Malcolm.

How could men and women succumb to evil?

“Can’t men and women understand the purpose and sanctity of life?”

Sins listened to him in deep thought. This was a regular conversation between the pair. Although, today the seriousness was palpable in the air, since they’d ripped 6 back to back marijuana shots on the bong. Malcolm always spoke about humanity and the nuances of self righteousness, whenever Sins had managed to get a good score. Today was such an occasion.

“Go on then, tell me. Lay it out bare, my friend. Tell me what is the purpose of life” Sins waved his hands around wildly as he ended the sentence, as if encouraging Malcolm to correct the universe’s ills.

“You must’ve heard many answers. Some say it’s about finding your passion and sticking to it, no matter whatever it may be, obviously it must be something good, because one can’t say violence and evil are my passions so I’ll stick to them. That can’t be”

“Some say that the key to life is simplicity, and questions regarding life are too complicated and best left answered as the work of the mystical powers. This is nothing but pure laziness of people’s minds to think with rationale and logic. It simply means making an excuse for dumbness”

“Some are of the view that there’s no greater purpose in life than mental stimulation. As in, keep your mind busy and seek pleasure in everything, including intoxication. This version is like a subset of my first point”

“Finally there’s a set of people who view humankind as an accident. They believe that life has no purpose. Life is about the amalgamation of working for pleasure, eating, sleeping well and fitness. This group does not believe in excess because a fixed quantity of anything can satisfy all needs and pleasures, it’s the greed of money which causes disillusion. Money in itself is good, loving money as an end in itself is wrong.”

“Money is a means to adequately distribute the resources of this paradise equally among every human, and this means a fixed quantity of food for all, since food as a resource is the most basic. Hence, I believe the most basic purpose of life is eating well. Anything better is a bonus”

“Malcolm, buddy thank you for this”

After 7 minutes, the pair passed out on the thin mattress lying beside.

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