Goverments, Power and Blindness

“I want to tear his sorry soul into pieces and roast them alive, post which they will be fed to carnivores”

“Well, technically you can only tear bodies. Souls on the other hand are present in the subconscious. They’re inaccessible to your stinky hands. Plus to some of us, souls are imaginary, and do not exist”

“Yeah, whatever”

They were riding in a public bus, it’s insides painted in shit coloured green of the dark kind, but also bearing a shade of shit red. Sins could almost smell the shit, which he did after a mile, as the bus passed a sizeable slum.

“Look, what I want to say is this. Offenders are the bane of this society, and they have no right to impose their wrong views upon others. If they do, they must be dealt with, an eye for an eye”

“Who decides, what is right and what is wrong?”

“People like you are even worse. This world has to, and I repeat, it has to run according to ideals and rules. There are good things and there are bad. Morals are everything. The moment you question things, problems are bound to arise. Why question? Life will be peaceful”

“Who decides these ideals and rules?”

“The ones elected to power, our elected”

“Only 70 people out of 100 vote. To win a majority you need 21 out of 70. To sweep the government you need 31. In short, 31 out of 100 are needed to keep power at the centre, over, and over, and over again. So what if, they don’t care about the rest, and blind their 31 with whims, fancies and propaganda? Aren’t we, supposed to question them then? What do you have to say to this?”

“Thanks for the numbers, I’d no clue about them”

‘You are welcome”

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