Social Animals

“I’ll find you and then I’ll shoot you”

“You haven’t got a gun, nor do you have the money for it. Kindly stop bluffing and accept logic, which incidentally should be a by-product, of your undeserved privilege of being lucky to have studied at a good grad school”

“What do you mean”

“I need you to open your eyes, and use your brain. Understand this statement. We are privileged. Though we aren’t rich to throw away currency literally, we are quite happy to do so for a few nights a year. We’ve food. We’ve electricity. We’ve variety in every category we want, from the most customised condoms or cakes, to fancy restaurants and pubs”

“But you know what I need you to understand? We, both of us belong to the elite 10% of our country. Or maybe ok, let’s say a maximum of 20%. Can you use your brain and tell me, how much does the rest 80% translate to, in figures? I trust you know our country’s population”

“Of course I do. We are 1.3 billion strong. But that’s according to the census. I think in actual figures we are more. 80% of this, well…”

“Do you get my point?”

“You annoy me a lot. Who cares about them? And why should we of all people care? We have our own lives brother. I’m telling you, and I respect you, you’ve the awareness because you read. But, forget about them. They’re for the government to be dealt with”

“I’ll shoot you”

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