Lies and Misleading

The weather changed dramatically over the night from a pleasant type of cold, to an extremely pleasant type of cold, according to Sins. He saw the rest of the passengers in his compartment adorned and decked up in sweaters and long sleeved shirts or tops. Sins was clad in a half sleeve tee shirt and an army shorts, complemented with black army boots. Standing out, in terms of appearance from the rest made him feel motivated.

The city had experienced rains aplenty before. Sins was used to the usual commotion hyped up on media channels immediately post the aftermath of every deluge caused by the monsoon. He had stopped feeling the emotions caused by mass media sensationalisation long ago. The kick wasn’t there in it any longer. He could very well read between the lines of the useless content peddled by a few of the aggregators. They were the sell-outs, forced to sell their ideals for greed or coercion or both.

He had largely stopped consuming TV media content, preferring to read the vast content repository available online, although it took more time to find quality on the internet. But he had been able to find a number of select websites which reported true facts.

That said, he did take out a few minutes each day to browse through the TV channels, to do some ‘market research’, meaning, to understand whose interests lay on whose side. The insights would usually end up intertwined with the country’s economy and political climate.

He saw lies being spoken openly on national channels to mislead the common public. False numbers were frequent, and when questions would inevitably be raised on the blatant lies, the sell out TV anchors would somehow find a way to cleverly change the topic.

Unless you didn’t listen very closely with an open mind, you’d be mislead very easily. Every night, Sins ripped two marijuana shots on his homemade bong, and proceeded to assess who was lying and why.

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