Marijuana Marketing

Marketing definitions are dime a dozen. In essence, marketing simply means the application of tools or techniques to create a consumer for your product or service. This much is pretty clear to everybody, and whoever tell you otherwise is wrong.

In effect, what this means is that, marketers need to target their prospects present in the world’s ocean of humanity, by pandering to their prejudices, their biases or in short, by pandering to their brains. Ethically, of course. But, that’s another debate altogether.

In this story, we will attempt to answer one frequently asked question.

Q1. Can marketing of marijuana promote world peace?

The supporters claim this would be the natural outcome of a world floating on the power of marketing this naturally occurring plant to humans above legal age. The most common reasons are stipulated along the lines of basic economics and naturally, the therapeutic effects of the plant on humans.

But, we think yes, and also no.

Yes, because there is no doubting the therapeutic effects of the plant. The green herb is wondrous, harvested by love and sweat of the farmer, who selflessly works his/her fields, or scouts around nature to make lives happier, better and grounded.

It is a pity, that many individuals believe the evil propaganda out there, and condemn the plant, although some individuals do voice concerned judgements regarding productivity.

An individual’s productivity is directly proportional to his or her’s understanding of the core principles of economics. That is to say, unless an individual independently, in his/her own capacity introspects the function of humans and organizations in lieu with currency, there is no stopping the capability of that individual to scale height after height of intellectuality and success. Marijuana in this case only, will act as a catalyst, else it’s effect on productivity will not live up to its full potential.

That said, the term world peace is itself open to interpretation. We believe the best definition of world peace would be the end of wars, and free borders. Now, this scenario is the most idealistic, and compromised through short term economic gains through modern wars.

Also the fact remains that, the entire world would need to begin with a fresh slate, which goes to say that the entire history of the world, right from the most disastrous instances of plunder, loot, rape, genocide, hunger, famine and war, to deliberate colonialism must be forgotten.

Fat chance of that ever happening.

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