Evil at the Top

Malcolm Mathew was standing on the edge of a 76 storey building, staring at the skyline in front of him. His view was being obstructed by an identical 76 storey tower right in front him.

Frowning, he reversed his direction, and proceeded towards the opposite side of the spacious terrace, where he sat still on the edge for a full 2 minutes, staring into the seemingly endless stretch of skyscrapers.

He hated it.

It hadn’t been the case so, much much before, when images of the grand city skyline taken from aerial modes enthralled him, and awakened within him, a sense of collective pride and satisfaction. In his mind, it signified the progress of the nation through building of infrastructure. Keep building, and thou shall prosper, the best way of economic development is obviously to build.

He had loved buildings.

As a 17 year old, Malcolm had noticed that infrastructure and development went hand in hand, and that the words were used together quite often. A routine research on the internet had shown him how frequently industrial progress was cited as the medicine for all the ills of under-developed and developing countries.

Suddenly, a rush of thoughts went to his head. He could stare at pure evil, picture it in his mind as clear as day. It had many faces, many bodies, many nationalities, but the blood was same.

The blood of evil is the same.

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