Supreme Manager

When it came to cribbing about all the ills prevalent in his nation, Malcolm was the undisputed master. For him, problems existed for two reasons only – Greed and Selfishness, the quality to successfully turn a blind eye to the suffering of millions not just in his nation, but even worldwide.

The fact was, the problems didn’t resonate with him. He had simply never been able to understand the rags to riches story of a great many people. It was not only shameful, but in this current age of technology, the problems were also morally unacceptable.

Help them, Educate them, he would plead inside his mind, staring at the abject state of the poverty stricken, determined to avoid his gaze at all costs. By now, he was used to it. It was the mandate of the voted government to care for the needy. The problem was, Malcolm felt sure that one government at the centre was royally screwing and undoing the small good the previous government had done.

5 years was too long for a manager to prove his credentials. He wished the managers of the country, the great government could be disposed off as frequently as a football club manager was, or indeed any sports club manager.

He imagined the chaos such a move would entail, anarchy, loot and murder in the open, with all sense of civility lost, intellectuality surrendered to the whims and fancies of the mob culture.

Is leadership simply a frame of mind? Malcolm argued about the possibility of creating a public appointed high panel to assess the performance of the managers of the country, every month or so.

A plain 10 minutes of research on the internet told him, an act for creating such a panel had been passed 4 years ago.

The regime changed 3 years ago.

The new regime had cited an absurd reason to avoid implementing the panel, and were dragging the case absurdly in the Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court had stern words for the supreme manager of the country.

Malcolm offed his phone, and realised he had found his culprit, hoping he could fire the supreme manager from his post.

He felt spurred on to do something, something inside him wanted to scream out loud, and proclaim the hypocrisy on display everywhere. Proceeding to light his last cannabis joint of the day, Malcolm decided to do some deep thinking in the night.

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