Question Haters

A full three hours of restlessness and irritation enusued as Sins stood in line to register his personal details, as part of the largest identification drive program in the world. The purpose of the exercise was to lock his biometric data through his fingerprint and link it to his personal data, permanently, as claimed by the present regime.

Sins had genuine concerns about the whole exercise.

He already had three genuine personal identification cards, including his driver’s license and passport. The regime claimed the exercise was a means to assign identification to the unidentified. To this, Sins had pointed out in a public forum about the existence of something called as the Voter identification card.

The speaker had changed the topic by pointing out the number of fake identities used among the previous identification methods, and the latest one would counter that. Sins duly pointed out the latest statistics of leakage of biometric and personal data, and the subsequent fakes arising out of it.

“Well, why don’t you come up with a solution then? You can only sit and criticise. Our government wants to work for the poor, and people like you are simply anti-national, you should leave the country” the speaker was red in the face now.

Sins had been expecting this.

“What you should have done is this – start slow and steady, instead of hurrying and lumbering up with security like illogical baboons. You claimed you’re a government of the poor, yes do exactly that. Start with identification of the poor you claim to work for, so that the welfare schemes reach them. You can’t even justify your stand in the Supreme Court, and you’ve the audacity to propagate lies in public”

So saying, Sins walked out.

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