The Big Pickup

The leaves of the tree swayed gently with the breeze, and seemed to cringe a little as a waft of cigarette smoke exhaled from Sins’ lips made their way into the leaves’ respiratory system. Sins focussed his eyes intently on the veins of one of the leaves, hoping to catch it’s expression of unwillingness to inhale the poisonous smoke. The leaf did seem to turn it’s gaze away from Sins, as if expressing disgust, or maybe he was just imagining. Probably.

Sins was trying to sleep under the watchful eyes of a tree thrice as tall as him. He remembered how Lord Shiva had dozed under an unknown plant, only to discover later that the plant was the holy herb, created by the magical power of the earth’s ingredients. Sins stared at the bland looking tree half hoping that the Lord would perch himself on it and shower him with moundful quantities of the herb. He felt dozy after a while, feeling the warmth of the surrounding air nursing every pore of his body, it’s sweet scent intertwined with the earth’s moist outlook, combining to induce a soulful lullaby of divine drowsiness. Sins wished he had the herb with him.

If only the tree had been healthier, and the woods more greener, Sins would have wandered here a lot more often. The place seemed parched, left to the mercy of the creator for its survival. Several gaps along the woods highlighted the stumps of the trees, plucked out randomly to satisfy the whims of civilised individuals. Given a choice, Sins wouldn’t have been here, he would rather be at s fast food joint whetting his insatiable appetite.

Sins had been told to wait here by the man. It would be the biggest pickup of his life, or rather his biggest pickup in the 9 months, he had begun making the holy green available commercially, top quality ripe for inducing enlightenment and stimulating consumption on a mass scale, a scale satisfying per unit economics. Sins had been fortunate to meet the man, who had been looking quite ill and drunk in equal measure, as they had stood outside a patchily made up roadside hut, smoking cigarettes. They made an odd pair, due to the age difference of 18 years between them, Sins obviously the younger one. The man had dropped him outside his neighborhood that day, their 15 minute conversation mostly revolving around the joys of intoxication.

This would be their 27th meeting in 6 months.

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