The Force of Marijuana and Love

“I am the best! And I’ll take out the best!”, screamed Sins at the top of his voice to no one in particular from the terrace, and then lit a cigarette. A few minutes later he began staring at the terrace opposite, hoping for his neighbor to arrive. They had winked at each other the night before, before she had sped downstairs probably hoping to keep him in flirtatious suspense. Night was the only time he could see her. His days, a full 12 hours were spent at work, including travel. He would not be disappointed. A few minutes after midnight, she walked out in an almost trance like state, smiling slightly, as she swayed towards the edge to get closer to him. A moment later, she was there, right in front of him, exactly as he had imagined last night. Only difference being, she looked even more beautiful now, as she gestured for the joint. Sins’ admiration for her went up by a few notches. She inhaled deeply, never leaving her eyes off his, as if searching for something deep within, like a prospective miner for gold. Sins had only been able to offer weed.

She exhaled all the smoke on his face deliberately, almost playfully, and took another deep drag. Sins wondered if he was dreaming. The setting was surreal. There was a very slight cool breeze at this hour, exactly the type of breeze for kissing passionately and making love. The smell of marijuana bought about a very earthy feel to the surrounding, like mother nature assuring her blessings upon the wannabe couple with her divinely approval. Wasn’t companionship a key component of life, if not the only one? All his life, Sins had thought finding ‘the one’ sounded too clichéd and something too idealistic and not practical. However, now, he did not know what to believe in anymore. Life routinely threw many contradictions that it seemed impossible to ratify one defined formula for happiness. After all, isn’t that what everyone was finally seeking? The possibility of abundance? Infinite leisure? On an island somewhere? Sins had had a dream of an island once, where he had been having sex on the shore. A tsunami had put an end to that, and sent the island to the sorry depths of the cruel ocean. Sins had woken up sweating and had called up his girlfriend to inquire about her well-being.

The woman wasn’t passing the joint back to him. Sins stared at her, smiling. She smiled back, exhaling copious amounts of smoke towards his face as if challenging him to do something, if he cared about the joint enough. Sins had no inclination of doing anything. As if reading his mind, she passed, with a bright smile which revealed perfect teeth. Sins was in love. He would tell her as soon as he finished the joint. Their terraces were separated by a gap of few centimetres. Sins wanted to cross over to hers. He resisted the temptation to do so, somehow he felt that would break the wondrous spell they were having, staring into each other’s eyes, content in the buzz that the marijuana was creating, a lot akin to telepathy, where their brains could read exactly what the other was thinking, which dispelled the needs to speak with voices. Was such magic between two persons possible?

At that precise moment, the sky erupted like the very crack of doom itself, as if intent to destroy the magic spell held by the gaze of two individuals beneath. If that was the objective, the heavens had failed. Their hands touched and intertwined with each other, as a defiant signal to the gods witness to this beautiful act by mere mortals. Drops began falling, and their hands clasped each other with a sense of urgency, determined to hold the spell together. With one swift motion, she clambered over to Sins’ terrace and into his waiting arms, just when the heavens above gave the signal to unleash havoc.

When they kissed, they created the most powerful force in the universe.

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