The Achiever Habit

Sins had formed a new habit, whereby as soon as he woke up, he undressed, and stand under the icy cold shower for a duration of exactly two minutes, feeling the numb pulsating waves of sleep disappearing from his mind, and the day ahead getting brighter in focus. A 750 ml gulp of water in two sips, a couple of minutes after he had toweled his dripping wet, glistening body, illuminated in the golden rays of the sun seeping in directly from his window sill, ensured that he was well re-hydrated and primed to execute a quick two sets of twenty five push ups each, and feel the high of the rushing blood coursing through his body, almost as if he could feel the waves of blood splashing about with each other, intermingling and interacting with the rest of his body muscles to jerk the entire spinal system bright awake, sounding an alarm of readiness to the brain to crush all obstacles ahead.

As soon as he was done, his phone rang. Cursing his phone operator for spamming him early in the morning, while he rejected the call, Sins realised he hadn’t needed to let the negative curse wander into his thought system, let alone using his voice to do so. Immediately, as if on reflex, he closed his eyes, and began to feel the source of the gentle breathing emanating from his chest, his senses calming down rapidly, feeling at one with his body, in the prime, pristine surrounding of morning, wishing fervently that they were trees around, then focusing his attention back to his breathing, showering thoughts of gratitude towards all the individuals who had helped him over the course of that week, and genuinely wishing everyone was happy and peaceful right now.

Sins was going to join a speaking club this week, after debating about it for five minutes with himself and his mirror’s himself. Surprisingly, the interaction he had with his mirror’s version was very effective, in the sense of how he was able to create new ideas in the verbal, which led to other ideas after a round of detailed verbal speak. Sins loved mirrors now, as if granted his own personal assistant, who resided as another form inside himself. He thought about the last thought, and remembered Lord Voldemort from the Harry Potter series, who had been occupying the bodies of other people to survive. He dismissed the thought quickly from his mind, lest he imagined a brutal version of the same thought.

The Sins who resided in the mirror had an uncanny knack of arriving at solutions with better clarity than his real self, which slightly perturbed Sins, because, ideally he would like it better if his real life was able to do serious thinking and write it down. A few days later, he began looking forward to the interaction he had with himself in the mirror, noticing the improvement in quality and confidence. Last week, he had smoked some marijuana with some strangers, and had proceeded to speak to himself in the mirror for the next three hours, before passing out soundly on his unmade-up bed, as naked as a new born baby, and dreaming of women around his arms, which in retrospect, he did almost everyday, even when he wasn’t sleeping.

Sins arrived at work earlier than anyone of his colleagues, who had invited him to come along for drinks and dinner last night. Sins had politely refused by saying he needed to go to the gymnasium, which raised some eyebrows and a few amused smiles. Now that he had made a habit off it for the last two months, he did see some legible gains, mostly how effortless, the gymnasium fitted seamlessly into his new habits, including reading more books per month, though he had to thank his uncle for leaving behind such a nice collection of novels and books, bordering on topics like war, violence or protein bars.

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