Indian Ganja Users Need Better Grow Quality At Better Prices.

“What the hell has he given us dude?!?”, screamed my colleague at me, for no fault of mine, because I didn’t even know what he was yelling about. His tone wasn’t exasperated, it was disappointment mixed with dread, although what he was talking about was Ganja, cannabis, marijuana, the holy herb, the plant, and disappointment was definitely not a feeling one would normally associate with ganja.

But stories like my friend’s are common in urban India.

You see, his dealer, the person, usually a male either an urbanite himself, who’s begun selling, or a localite, who has the required contact with some distributors, had given my colleague laced, or commonly known as spiked ganja, a form of ganja that causes all the bad thing associated with marijuana and clouds its good name under suspicion and bad reviews and feedback: decreased appetite, nausea, irritability, dizziness, change in heart rate, throat infections, difficulty breathing, delerium and even vomiting, all the things that’s absolutely not symptomatic of marijuana, because, ironically, ganja cures all the above said symptoms. The individuals who’re selling spiked ganja deserve to be put out of business, guilty of selling poison to people in the name of Lord Shiva. Shame on them.

There is a genuine gap in the Indian market for the supply of good quality cannabis.

As far as we can tell, the ganja that is most commonly found on the Indian streets is not real ganja, the pure ones grown correctly, at their source. Like every crop, there is a definite way to grow the ganja crop – curbing the growth of male plants around the female plants, because it is the female plants that provide the best quality flowers, instead of the male plants that produce a lot of seeds. Since rats and pests attack the crop for the seeds, farmers spray herbicides and pesticides on the crop, contaminating it, not caring for the health of their final users.

In turn, the distributors, themselves are up to no good. We’ve heard a range of nasty substances like shoe polish, jaggery water, ink, glue amongst others. These guys are up to no good. They’re playing with the lives of their users. I remember, in the second year of college, one of our seniors had to be admitted into a mental health centre, his parents having flown down, and having to hear how their son had been consuming poisoned ganja, laced with substances that had caused him partial brain damage. The episode was repeated over and over again in college, with ganja getting a bad name, because no one was talking about how it was not ganja that was the culprit. It was the poison that was added to it for trivial things like increasing the total weight of the consignment or masking its smell.

Sadness. Please cure your spiked ganja. Or, better find a better source who can supply you with well grown marijuana.

You can recognize spiked ganja by the following sensory observations:

  • Black residue gets stuck to your fingers and nails when crushed
  • Damp smell
  • Harsh, burning sensation in the throat when smoked
  • Lethargic high that makes you feel weak and heavy
  • Foul, strong aftertaste

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