Why Has The World Become So Complex To Understand?

It wasn’t everyday that he got to lash out, and today he figured it was better if he let it all out, safely, but still, in the manner that was socially acceptable, like ignoring one’s own thoughts and wishes in favour of the collective’s, mostly pushed forward by a vocal group of insisters, who favoured trends rather than understand one’s own deepest thoughts, having come about as a result of self-awareness over mere manipulation through popular media and culture.

Each and every one, irrespective of where one came from, his or her language or imagined religion or gods, would prefer a few basic fundamentals, fundamentals that had to be thought through well enough, rather than depend on the whims and fancies of the state, the personnel in charge of governance and the modern capitalist economy. Was there a better model to think through? A whole new way of living? It had to take into account the fact that everyone was fundamentally different, a factor of one’s genetic traits and the external stimuli experienced till one developed his or her own sense of awareness. That was precisely the clue. What if the external stimuli of a new generation of new borns were planned? What if an entire generation grew up experiencing the very same set of circumstances regarding education, nutrition and sports till the age where they began showing signs of who they really were, that is their genetic traits would finally mushroom, which they could use to their advantage or disadvantage.

The current model of accomplishing everything would become redundant, including the way people consumed resources. Everything could be improved if one only probed deeper, and sought to understand the problem or the situation in a better way. What did people really want? Judging by the current state of the world, people needed to change their mindsets, and become more forward looking, but yet, hordes of people preferred to maintain the status quo, choosing comfort instead of causing change for the better, newer, smarter way of living. The change was on, spearheaded by a group of men and women all over the world, who believed in truly understanding themselves, preferring to ingest the right information at the right time, really, really understanding the fundamentals of biotechnology, electronics, materials and computer science, the world, their blank canvas to experiment upon, rid it off all its inefficiencies, going against the blind hordes of naysayers who chose to sit back and approach life as a way to look down upon progress, and the newer way of doing things as something that went against their culture, oblivious and completely blind to the fact that all culture was just a product of repetitive actions followed over the years at the behest of other people, and that now had become redundant and useless.

How could one understand things better?

By constantly looking out to interact with more and more progressive people, preferably people who were well read and wondered and looked at life as a great mystery waiting to be explored rather than people who adopted the approach of looking at complexity as a divine ordinance beyond the reach of man and woman. By reading books that shifted the status quo and offered a macro view of the entire actions of human kind over the centuries, indeed from the very beginning of history. The history of man and woman was seven million years old. There had been six different species of human beings, and them, Sapiens had survived and multiplied, taking up agriculture ten thousand years ago, commencing the phenomenon of obesity, epidemics and settlements, sprouting into mega cities and structures with centralized political authority to govern the movement of food and other surpluses caused by it. The entire story of humankind was a tale of ingenuity, curiosity, going against all the vagaries of nature by observing, experimenting and inventing things that could mould nature and materials to his or her own wishes. The time had come to revisit the ingenuity.

Everyone who understood how the new technologies encompassing a mixture of biotechnology, electronics, materials and computer science would truly, understand and thrive, with the world becoming his or her oyster. It wasn’t necessary to become a deeply technical person, although it didn’t harm one’s chances in seizing the world’s oysters, but a macro view of all the technologies was even better. One needed to truly understand the changes, imminent as they were from permeating across all the world, one day at a time, sweeping everyone from their feet, both in wonder or in shock, depending on the outlook of the person. Change was amazing, and one needed to seek it out every day, keep one’s mind on its toes all the time, network with people smarter than they were or educate their peers about the principles of how the mind worked, to improve their own lives, by applying the right mindsets to their individual health and body, relationships, career and work, material things and money.

The world had become complex, a fact repeated so often that it wasn’t news anymore.

Why had the world become so complex to understand?

Because there were more people on the world at this point of time than any other time in the history of the world, and all these people were interacting with other faster than ever before, through instant communication and transportation technologies. With greater interactions, came greater movements, and with greater movements happened change. And the wheel of evolution turned even faster, leaving most of the people in shock and awe at the speed of change that had transpired, when the fact was that, it had been inevitable. If more people talked and met each other more frequently than ever before, change would progress faster. In the 60s it took two people days to communicate with each other if they lived on the opposite ends of the world. Today, it took a few seconds. More change, depending on the take aways from that interaction.

Some people yearned to go back to the older times, when things were slower and more comfortable.

It wasn’t possible. There was no going back.

You lived with it or cursed it. No one cared if you cursed it.

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