She Was The Secret Of His Energy

He looked at her and wished they were holding hands.

The scene changed into a background with white curtains and pale blue balloons, illuminated by a chandelier that lay high above them, radiating golden rays, mellowed down with a pinch of purple and hazy pink, down upon them, as they waltzed towards each other, each content to soak in the spirit of the other and raise a toast for each other, surrounded by all kinds of wines and champagnes, replete with a table and burning candlelight.

Massive structures resembling ocean bound ships with a base consisting of flowers, hovered a few hundred feet from them, the crew aboard them, consisting of human skeletons who waved at them in joy, beseeching them to come aboard and sail away towards regions unbeknownst and untouched by the feet of humankind, leaving them to frolic around in eternal bliss.

It didn’t matter what he thought, what he did, or even what he wanted. All that mattered was, that, when human beings, imagined as vessels of energy and consciousness, interacted with their fellow members, like her in his case, exchange of thoughts and energy was so great, was so magical, was so enthralling, was so enchanting, was so thrilling, that it seemed time could stop still, and all he needed to survive was the energy that radiated from her. It was maddening to him because he couldn’t understand the nature of their interactions, or indeed her feelings, because there wasn’t meant to be any, not when other interacting energies sought to exert their grips through familiarity and repetitive conversations bordering on gossip and rumour mongering.

She was worth so much more, if only she knew. If only she knew what kinds of energies were out there in the universe awaiting her acknowledgement, or just her consideration for her potential to be and do so much more, only for the fear of uncertainty to put down all good intentions and sink back into the same old ways of living.

When it was time for him to take a few minutes off to rest and rejuvenate by doing precisely nothing, closing his eyes, her face flashed time and time again, as if intent to lure him into doing something crazy like running into her space and expressing his admiration with tears, words and letters, for he knew, she was someone who didn’t care about material gifts, preferring instead to have a laugh over a good conversation or an old-fashioned heartfelt letter.

“Give me a listen, I’m by your side, Oh, it’s what you do to me, Oh, it’s what you do to me”, his hum echoed in the small room he occupied on the first floor of a well-adorned building, teeming with people obsessed with making things happen to the best of their individual skills and circumstances, united with the belief that there was progress ahead, on a path filled with possibilities of attaining the financial and social status all of them sought, provided that they ensured they had a purpose, a vision for themselves, an image of their future selves, soaking under the bright sun of stardom, acknowledgement and true companionships.

He knew what he wanted, with all his heart. He wouldn’t take a moment’s rest till he was sure he had the life that he envisioned for himself in one years’ time. He felt the vibrations reverberating inside his brain, a sudden surge of chemicals sloshing around inside his head.

He looked at her walking towards him and smiled, his eyes firmly sucked into her gaze as if gazing into her soul. He listened while she spoke.

Seventeen minutes later, they parted. He felt as if he were high, full of motivation and energy.

She was the secret of his energy.   

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