The Art of Immersion, the key attribute of modern, fast living

He couldn’t remember the last time he felt so good, because he had been at a low just a few hours back. What was up with his mind? Was his diet making his head behave erratically? Possible. He knew he was resorting to several short-term ways in order to satisfy his daily dopamine level, when he should have been exercising long-term dopamine plans, much like the way money was circulated into systematic investment plans over a sustained period of a few years if not decades.

Iron Maiden’s Hallowed be thy Name blared out from the speakers.

He thought about the mental stimulation required to create something, anything of value and realised everyone was capable of living a lifestyle where their talents could be honed and developed through deliberate learning. Creating an environment where learning became a by-product of asking the right questions and exploring their workings for oneself was the best mental stimulation anyone could ask for. However, setting up such an environment was the key.

The most important part began with oneself. Understanding one’s sense of self through talking to oneself and healthily debating with others constantly about existing beliefs, values and principles that one held close to his or heart remains the best way in which to understand and refine one’s character towards betterment. No person’s personality remains constant forever. It is forever being shaped and manipulated in ways through the consumption and dissemination of news and events that happen in real life.

There are topics a few believe in because..they never thought about questioning its origins or how that particular fact came into being in the first place, without any inkling or curiosity about thinking about it. Take evolution for example. Nearly one-half of humanity believes that humans are a separate species altogether, divinely ordained into the Earth because someone or something went ahead and created something out of nothing.

Nearly one-half of humanity believes in evolution, the fact that humans evolved over millions of years after having diverged in nature from the ape family. The remaining choose not to think about such matters since they’re more focussed on living in the present in order to ensure that they live their lives in as much comfort as possible, choosing not to exercise their minds because such topics would only seem to make them feel as if they would need to read a lot, much rather preferring to do easy things, not realizing that doing the hard things made things more easier over time, the same as the principle of evolution.

The ability to focus on one thing for long stretches of time is a precious ability that needs to be treasured and held on to, because the ability to do so allows one to do develop capabilities in anything he or she desires. Literally, develop capabilities in anything. Anything he or she desires and cherishes, or wishes to accomplish, the seed of thought having been sowed many years or months ago, only to be abandoned in a haste, having mastered the ability to ignore or simply cast it out of one’s priorities, citing excuses regarding the lack of time.

The initial few minutes or hours of starting something new is the most difficult time of one’s life, the fire of learning beginning to ebb away the moment the first few difficult minutes are experienced, when an individual’s brain just refuses to open up stubbornly, thinking that the difficulty is somehow linked to the individual’s survival. Because the human brain, having evolved over the millennia has conditioned itself to be cautious towards anything new. The human brain still thinks we’re in the jungle and not amongst concrete. The generation born in a century either through design or natural reproduction will contain brains who’ll have successfully adapted to become completely open to every new experience.

The future excited him. He wanted to evolve everyday.

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