The Joy Of Living Life One Day At A Time. Change Your Perspective, Change Yourself.

It was the best of times, yet, it was the worst of times.

Change was the only constant, a virulent state of flux that seemed to engulf the world, as if nothing had been so chaotic and uncertain in the history of the world as we knew it, a world that had been shaped by war, conquest, famine, genocide, racial violence, poverty, hunger and unbridled progress which had lifted millions out of their imposed shackles, like an almighty ocean wave pushing back all the plastic back towards humanity’s shores. Progress hadn’t been perfect, but it had made lives better, at least relatively.

His mind seemed to be engulfed in a cornucopia of its own, the images of the past, intermingling with the future’s and the present’s, along a platitude of shapes, objects and human beings which consisted of skyscrapers, hilltop mansions, exquisitely prepared food and beautiful women on his arms. He wished he could control his thoughts, indirectly, his mind, because many times it seemed to drift, along a mental plane, he had been unconsciously propagating since childhood, and felt that it was, by now bogged with too many junk files. He wanted to erase them and free some space inside his mind, amidst all the mediocre clutter which dwelled inside.

His premise was simple. He was supposed to flow, like water, or beer, and just..that. He wasn’t supposed to dwell on the past at all. Envisioning the future self was well and good, but only up to a point where, it didn’t bog one down with grander expectations of oneself, possibly turning unrealistic sometimes. It was better to hyper focus attention towards the present, on one task at a time, do it well and move towards the next task at hand, watch the tasks slowly compound your abilities and clarity on the goal at hand, over a few months, and there’s your path to perfection that you seek. Simple. Yet, difficult for many. Each day was a new beginning, but with the momentum of a few solid weeks of focus behind you, one could live the best version of oneself within a few months.

He was nearly halfway there. Nearly, halfway.

He said so because he could feel himself evolving. He could see he was getting better. Anyone could target anything and everything, to focus on one particular thing at a time to develop capabilities in that particular task, but the main aspect was time. Could you ensure you kept at the task at hand for at least thirty minutes everyday, without fail? And watch yourself become better at it in the space of a few weeks? Who wouldn’t? However, as easy as it sounded, it just wasn’t so.

Just like a cigarette addict, triggered on by the easy availability of the substance near and far, whilst resisting, yet sometimes indulging in the vice loathe to be forgotten by the crevices of the mind, did one truly have the will, to forego short-term gratifications delivered so quickly through the plethora of devices near the vicinity of the modern human belonging to every social strata? Would you let technology overcome the vestiges of your own mind? Or would you prefer to use technology, and use it well enough to create the best version of yourself through ingratiating a process of lifelong learning and constant and honest feedback.

Amen. So what would it be? You decide.

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