How Urban Marijuana Users Can’t Help But Consume

The last time he had consumed marijuana, he had continued to do so for the next ten days, forsaking work, settled as he was, sprawled across a comfortable couch, reading books and blogs, writing long letters to his beloved, in front of a smart television, that served as a twin interface for traditional television channels pushed by media companies like 21st Century Fox and Disney, whilst accessing the vast realms of YouTube, Netflix and Amazon Prime, to just name a few.

For marijuana users, it is a golden age to live in.

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Sins hailed from a country where the consumption of marijuana for recreational purposes was banned, resulting in the reliance on an underground network of peddlers or mutual friends for sourcing marijuana, the only part where moderate to high amount of efforts were required, although many peddlers delivered to their closest clients at their doorsteps. There is a reason for this – the peddler is assured that the client is safe since the client has gone so far as to show the peddler where he or she lives. The peddler can now possibly bust the client’s location to the cops, but in a majority of cases, unless compelled under duress, they won’t so, because such clients assure a steady supply of orders.

The other stages were relatively straight-forward. There were companies that would deliver everything else that was required right to their doorstep. Last month, they had ordered an assortment of pre-rolled joints, bongs made of polymers and glass, fancy looking lighters, pure, harvested farm-fresh tobacco without the extra chemicals and even apparel made of hemp, marijuana’s cousin. This ensured all their ingenuity in using soft-drink bottles to create bongs and rolling joints manually went out the window. These companies had solved legitimate problems for marijuana users.

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Once high, satiated and content with life, rolling round with laughter or embarking on a philosophical discourse about the mysteries of the universe and the purpose of life itself, other companies would rush in and step in with their wares for marijuana users, who were now as open to experimentation as a guinea pig in an industrial farm.

With video content constantly riveting their minds, their smartphones ensured that at least ten to fifteen meals over the course of the day would be delivered to them, courtesy the food-tech companies who wanted them to satisfy their cravings and drown themselves in an orgy of gluttony. Sins had once consumed eleven meals on his own. Once, he had ordered a plate of sweets at two in the morning. Once, they had even invited the delivery person to come in and join them for a hit. The person had obliged and thanked them.

What a wonderful time to live.

Life was so convenient if you had decent amounts of money to buy smartphones, laptops and internet connections. All one needed was an open mind to consume vast quantities of information, figure out how the world worked, and then work out how one could make a living in this super-charged, maddening, increasingly complex, yet exciting world. He couldn’t wait to deploy his skills in such an environment. He felt as if every person in the world ought to take a step back and realize they were all part of a global community solving global problems, rather than hark back to the middle ages and isolate oneself and create a bubble to live in, thinking as if they were the center of the universe, unaffected by all the changes taking place around them.

Sins chewed at the chocolate bar in both, hunger and ecstasy.

Once, he had had four chocolate bars for dinner and by the time he had devoured the last few pieces, he decided not to have chocolates ever again, such was the excess milk and cocoa floating around inside his system. However, he had a few pieces a few days later, after a gap, to let his system recover. The next day after the chocolate episode, stoned out of his mind, he had finished a four hundred page book in a little less than five hours, before settling down to watch the first episode of the new season of ‘Silicon Valley’.

Passing out everyday, had become a way of life, but it made him physically lazy, and he had noticed that his mind would simply refuse to continue working after the third and fourth bong hits, seeking to make him sit back and consume rather than sit straight and create. He decided to put a stop to this excess and take a break, till next time.

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