The Complexity Of Legalizing Marijuana In India and the Prevalence of Naysayers

Sins had been on the receiving end of a verbal onslaught a few hours ago.

Not because he had chosen to listen meekly, but rather because he had chosen to listen with respect. Everybody deserved to be heard. Everybody deserved a chance to speak. In return all one could ask for from oneself was the patience and the magnanimity to give others the same chance as accorded to themselves. A group of three people, two men and one woman had accused him of encouraging and promoting drug use by normalizing the usage of marijuana, in spite of him steadfastly maintaining the point time and again that it simply wasn’t so. He had begun to explain.

The case in point was, as always, the usage of marijuana.

How Urban Marijuana Users Can’t Help But Consume

Sins agreed that not everyone was reliable when it came to discussing topics like these openly because either they were too busy wrapping their heads around their next pay cheque or too encumbered by all the information sloshing around in cyberspace, none of whose motives treasured genuine insightfulness or call to actions, but were rather designed to convince people to forsake intellectualism and learning for frivolous, mediocre issues that would soon be forgotten because the next loop of virtual information beckoned them enticingly, with ever more information.

He wasn’t claiming that one ought to shut oneself off from the world to avoid distractions. All he was advocating was moderation. All he was claiming was that rather than jump to conclusions via simple one cause and one effect, everyone ought to spend a little more time and understand multiple causes and multiple effects with respect to each and every issue they faced in their lives. Again, case in point, marijuana. Instead of simply claiming that legalizing the recreational usage of marijuana would open a Pandora’s box of addiction, abuse, uselessness and social crises among the youth, as if modern youth above the age of 18 were a bunch of animals lacking the ability to educate themselves, it would be more prudent to write down a comprehensive plan with pros and cons, validated according to the unique nature of each state.

The Problems Encountered by India’s Urban Marijuana Users

He was convinced that in the end, all the naysayers would be silenced by science.

Who was afraid of being ridiculed anyway? As far as he was concerned, he definitely wasn’t, because, even if being ridiculed amounted to unpleasant sensations coursing through his body, the sensations for their part simply passed away after a few minutes. All decision making needed to be rooted in the principles of scientific inquiry, with some room for gut instincts, because after all, the brain itself was a prediction engine, designed by evolution to ingest information through the five senses and the sensations caused to one’s mind and body by external stimuli.

All said and done, he felt there were more opinions than facts floating in the minds of people, because people inherently knew knowledge was power, but didn’t ratify the fact that it was the application of their ingested information that turned into knowledge that turned into power. Of course, it went without saying, now more than ever, that it was prudent to verify each and every source of information and stick to a few but trusted sources rather than roam around a minefield of sources only to realize nothing had been gained, and only time and energy had been lost.

How Can You Understand The World?

Only time would tell where the world was headed. All one could do was remain alert and productive by forming good habits and remain in the company of people who uplifted them personally and professionally. Fun was important and necessary too.

What kind of fun though?    

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