The Joys of Mind Control

He woke up with a start.

He was much earlier than usual. He didn’t know why. On a normal day he would wake up at eight or nine. It was five a.m today. He felt as if his internal system was trying to beckon him towards something, which he seemingly had to find out, as always. Wasn’t this what gut feeling was all about? An internal compass that constantly calibrated whether he was on the right direction or not.

He didn’t feel restless at all. He felt nothing.

A hearty swig of mineral water later, he donned his sports shoes and headed out, immediately sensing that it had become warmer compared to the last week. The cold was leaving. It was a new beginning, like a vagabond swept into the arms of a settlement, or a nymphomaniac discovering the joy of celibacy, although that would be an extreme makeover in retrospect. In his case, it signified the imminent arrival of more mental stimulation, personally and professionally. After all, who wanted to stop? It was only when one’s mind and hence, one’s body chose to take things easy and slow down for a bit, when the fear of falling behind kicked in.

But falling behind from whom? From what? From a web of fictions spun forth by humanity. The fictions were important since they consisted the most important things necessary to keep the global order alive. The fictions led to rules and regulations, leading to their constant amendments and repeals when time made them obsolete or when human tastes evolved and society became more progressive or regressive. Everyone was constantly changing, day by day, month by month, year by year. Hopefully for the better.

He questioned himself. Why did he want a good physique? Was it because his sub-conscious had seen chiseled images of the human body, men and women included, on Instagram? Or was it because the film industry had put a premium on it? Was it because his brain interpreted it as obtaining more chances at reproduction? Or was it all of the above? Why did he want to learn new things by reading or writing or practicing? Was it because he had read how it was good for the brain? Was it because he had read about how ‘successful’ people seemingly did it all the time? Was it because he had read how the knowledge economy of the coming future would put a premium on a multi-disciplinary education? Or maybe all of the above?

A group of images flashed in front of his mind’s eye.

He was using his mind to make another human being, a male, to hover him ten to fifteen feet off the ground and bringing him crashing down to the ground again and again and again till the man was completely crushed. He was making everything happen without moving. Sitting, using only his mind, he had summoned a couple of books he wanted delivered, opened the refrigerator for a beer to arrive at his desk, made a presentation using stunning visuals, visuals that were unique to his mind and lastly, had rearranged his living room again and again till it was perfect.

It would be a good day.

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