There Are No Fucking Answers

It didn’t matter what others thought about him. He knew and understood this fact.

But somehow, deep down, he felt it did matter and this matter, though it ought to be swatted away like an irksome, ugly fly, bothered him to some extent. After all, how could he get rid of the deep, deep evolutionary human trait that called for social cohesion and bonding? But he was trying his best and his best meant, trying his best to focus his energies and attention on something else. Possibly something that would make him laugh. For the next minutes, he laughed at the abject state of his country, the abject state of the world and the abject state of life in general. He wasn’t a negative man, but what could he do other than try his best?

But, what could he do?

Why was the average age of his country’s leadership comfortably above 50 when two-thirds of his country’s population was under 35? Why were a majority of his country’s people afraid to voice their opinions of dissent against the powers that be? Powers that claimed an imaginary, subjective wonderland, as if such a wonderland of existence could be magically created by their pathetic, cringe-worthy, despicable slogans and speeches. Fuck their slogans and speeches. Can these fucking oldies talk about real issues for fuck’s sake? It wasn’t that he hated them. But increasingly, he was coming to believe as if the oldies just wanted to hold on to power for as long as their mortal lives would permit, in the process not just tarnishing their own legacy, but also leaving a worser state of affairs for their successors,

He didn’t want their deaths.

He just wanted them to open their eyes to the world around them and tell them that it was only when the productive energies of the entire population was harnessed, that the nation would contribute the most to the prosperity of the world. Why has education and healthcare, arguably the bedrock of humanity’s progress over the past century, not being getting its fair share of resources? Why are sections of the media so hell bent on obeying the commands of the powers that be, seeing as it was hurting their credibility? There are no fucking answers. Not only were the oldies too proud and arrogant, but their dumb confidence made the real intellectuals cringe to no ends, with the result being their migration towards greener pastures.

Sometimes, he did feel like tearing his hair in frustration, but of course he had no inclination to do so. Not only was he going to let any amount of stress lessen his hair, but he was also going to do his bit to tell everyone about the farce that was being played out in the world in the name of leadership and expertise. Where are the real intellectuals? Where are the people with substance, the will to act rather than talk? Why are the dumb, regressive, moral police more confident than usual and why exactly is the leadership empowering them? Fuck all of them, and fuck this world. He wasn’t going to let the fucks play games with his mind through their fancy sounding slogans and speeches.

If all the fancy literature out there on the internet keep name shaming and simply put the blame on other people and the so called ‘system’, why the fuck aren’t they explaining which ‘system’ they are actually talking about? No answers. What exactly are the components of this so called ‘system’ you seek to blame? No answers. Who has made this so called ‘system’? No answers. When the answers should be obvious. Instead, subjective feelings of hate, anger and smileys, parading under the garb of non-sensical acts of mourning and condemnations follow suit, without anyone fucking doing anything about the fucking ‘system’ whatsoever. No answers about which part of the system is broken and needs repair. No answers about who is responsible for what. No answers about who is accountable. And no answers for who will take the actual responsibility.

Fuck all of them.

One thought on “There Are No Fucking Answers

  1. This was a good read, though slightly saddening. Anyhow, hypothetically if one could ‘fuck the world’, how would one go about it? What does the session entail?


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