India’s Cannabis Hypocrisy and Israel’s Progressive Stance

Gloria Indica

Hi! Welcome to the 9th edition of Gloria Indica, our newsletter written specifically for Wednesdays and Thursdays. If you’re reading this for the first time, then welcome. Wherever you’re from, whenever you’ll read this, this is our newsletter when we train our eyes a bit more specifically on the cannabis, business and technology narratives going on around the world of ours today.

The Public is-was-will be fooled. Deliberately. 

It’s happening all over the world. And it sucks. 

And it’s being deliberately done. The powers that be want to keep the masses dumb and ill-informed so that they neither have the courage nor the knowledge to push their individual intellectual limits to make progress in their lives. And we’ve realized that it’s fundamentally about insecurity and control. They want to control us, misguide us, distract us and turn us into dumb, obedient, subservient specimens who cannot think with their own brains. 

They will not succeed. 

Primarily, because they will not be successful in dumbing all of us down. 

You see, it is very easy and simple to understand the concept of vested interest since all of it boils down to simple economic principles, capitalism and public support. We have the central and state governments on one side of this equation including all the agencies responsible to enforce ‘human rights’ like the police, the legal setup, tax authorities, companies owned by the government and the crime branch. On the other side, we have businesses who solicit other businesses and consumers (the public) for business by buying and selling all sorts of products, services and commodities amongst each other. And lastly, we have the financial system which is global in nature and simple, yet complex to get a good grasp of. 

Now, all this being said, how can you, the reader understand what’s going on in the world, from the point of view of vested interests? In fact, we think the reader should apply this point of view to his or her entire life. With that said, who wants to control whom? And for what? With all the problems our world faces today, are we to stand silent and obey? 

Have an original opinion always. If something doesn’t feel right, disobey.

Gloria Indica readers will understand the meaning of this

The Onerous Duty of India’s Narcotics Control Bureau

NCB officials were probably ashamed of themselves when they submitted an arrest custody warrant because 59 grams of cannabis was found with two twenty-somethings, one of them being a brother of Bollywood Actress Rhea Chakraborty who has been vilified by some sections of the Indian media over the past two weeks (some news channels plastered her pictures wearing a bikini alongside pictures of Sushsant Singh Rajput’s life while discussing about drugs – what’re they trying to say? This is the first time in India’s history that a woman (for being a woman without powerful connections) was character assassinated on National TV channels))

The Narcotics Control Bureau – an agency responsible for handling India’s drug enforcement policy, sandwiched between the world’s two largest drug corridors (The Golden Crescent Afghanistan-Iran-Pakistan and the Golden Triangle Laos-Cambodia-Myanmar) is wasting its scarce manpower and resources on chasing cannabis users and sellers when the same agency can make economic returns from legal cannabis sales in order to fight the harder, synthetic and downright dangerous drugs. Come on NCB, you cannot eradicate the cannabis plant which evolved 28-38 million years ago. Humanity itself is 7 million years old. People want cannabis. Somebody will always arise to sell it. Economics 101. So accept it, and move on to focus on other important matters.  

Pharmaceutical Opioids (Thanks American MNCs) are legal, sold over the counter, cause death by overdose and LEGAL

Personally, we’re sure that the NCB already knows this. We feel bad for them because the agency has more important things to do, and now they’re being pawned into this matter. Why are they trying to distract the matter from an actor’s death, and instead focusing on cannabis?

In the land of Ayurveda (India’s ancient medical science over 4000 years old which advocates a plant-based diet and lifestyle) where cannabis was hailed as the king of herbs till 1985, the arrest of two twenty-somethings for possession of 59 grams of cannabis reeks of stupidity and vested interests against the greater good of the general public. We’ll not be fooled. We say, you’ve a problem with cannabis, just legalize it, and within a few years it’ll become just like how alcohol and tobacco are regulated. For now, the public can watch a media circus which will die out in about a month and then everyone will forget about this. It’s not as if drugs chose 2020 to come to the fore. They were always there. Readers can challenge us for a healthy debate.

Let’s keep blazing. 

Israel Ups the Ante for Medical Cannabis

The Israel bureaucracy is very much like India when it comes to recreational cannabis (on all other human development indicators the Israelis are way ahead of India, obviously). However, when it comes to using cannabis for practical applications like making medicines, they love the plant. 

Here’s Israel’s Health minister talking:

“Health Minister Yuli Edelstein issued new regulations on Wednesday aimed at lowering the price of medical cannabis by an estimated 50% while making it easier for doctors to prescribe the plant to patients. The new legislation will also allow a new market with enormous economic potential to emerge around these products, as is the case in many European countries and several U.S. states.

The reform marks the end of a long and difficult bureaucratic process that patients had to endure to obtain a permit to consume these products.

“When announcing his intention to enact the reforms earlier this month, Health minister Yuli Edelstein said he had personally witnessed the relief provided by cannabis when his wife was being treated for terminal cancer. “When my late wife, Tanya, was in her final months and the pain was unbearable, the doctor suggested she use cannabis. I witnessed how it helped her. I don’t know if it had harmful effects on her body, but concerning the pain, it definitely helped her.”

We think that’s what will happen in India as well. 

We predict that it’ll take India at least another 6-8 years to legalize recreational use of cannabis. As of this writing, the usage of cannabis for medical and consumer-related applications like edible oils and protein powder is the only way to go about, for private companies interested in harnessing the power of cannabis. Who’ll rise up to this challenge? Many already have, but we need more awareness. 

Let’s keep blazing. Have a great day 🙂

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