Blazing For A New Religion Based on Plants


Welcome to the 10th edition of Boomtown. If you’re reading this for the first time, then welcome. As of this writing, not only are we completely blazed out of our minds, but we can’t wait to continue blazing ahead for the rest of the weekend. From tomorrow, Saturday, we’re set to introduce our latest newsletter offering called ‘Boomhouse’ that will strictly deal with aspects related to the cannabis plant with regards to its molecular structure, genetic variation, its evolutionary history and modern farming principles. 

Let’s start blazing for the weekend. 

The Cannabis Religion

This is just an idea that we’ve been having for quite some time now.    

The founding framework of any religion lies in its ability to unite a vast number of people who can bond over the same set of stories, beliefs and ideas about a chosen set of things. It’s these chosen sets of things that come under the scanner from time to time. Millions believe in mysticism with regards to supernatural and mortal beings ascribed to their individual religions (Hinduism, Islam, Christianity and the rest) while millions believe that their ancestors needed to create stories about their gods in order to make sense of their world. This debate is still raging on and spirituality which is linked to the human mind and psychedelics finds itself making a modern comeback. 

We know that many men and women want to move beyond the ‘traditional’ religions. 

In the modern world of ours today, we find new religions springing up over and over again, them too having the ability to unite the masses under a common set of thoughts, beliefs and ideas. For example – any genre of music has its own sets of fans who swear that their musical genres are like religion to them. Take sports teams and political cults like the hardcore supremacists who swear by the gun and their sword, to be their religion. The tech entrepreneurs, political figures and the artists from every sphere are the gods. 

Similarly, we think the psychedelics revolution merits its own religion. Especially cannabis. 

The cannabis plant represents a set of common beliefs (the plant does not care who uses it) and an overarching framework already exists among many of its users about themes like equality and secularism. This fact does not need to be proven. Therefore, we’re exhorting our readers to subscribe to the new religion of cannabis, which exactly like its biological effect of promoting balance (which is proven by science) represents a real-life messiah that promotes happiness for everyone irrespective of who they are (literally and truly). After all, we need something to make meaning of our lives don’t we? Why not cannabis? Or rather, the properties of cannabis, so to speak? 

Let’s keep blazing. 

Care about the Environment by Questioning Everything      

It’s amazing how introspection about the most basic details can make so much difference. 

While readers like to use cannabis or do not, everyone can at least attest to the fact that cannabis is a plant and hence evolution – the same force that created humanity – has created plants. Even if the reader at this point of time does not believe in evolution, the reader surely knows that the same ‘force’ that created humanity ought to have created ‘plants’ and hence by default also created cannabis. This much is clear. 

Just by posing a simple question – like what is the source of our electricity, is in itself so profound. A google search about the world’s electricity generation issues can lead the reader into an abyss of literature from where he or she can become an evangelist for the environment. Similarly – where is our drinking water coming from? Where is our food coming from? All these questions sound simple, but are rooted in the fact that they require the well-being of our environment. But still, the question ultimately always boils down to this: what can we do about it? 

Here’s the World Economic Forum (WEF):  

“New collaborations are arriving every day and many are growing fast. There is a strong multistakeholder, action-orientated “start-up” culture emerging across the environmental community, unlike anything we have seen before, as the recognition of urgency perhaps drives the need for innovation. The Tropical Forest Alliance, RE100, the WRI-C40 Coalition for Urban Transitions, the Food and Land Use Alliance, the Platform for Accelerating the Circular Economy, the Friends of Ocean Action, the Global Battery Alliance, Grow Asia, the Alliance of CEO Climate Leaders and the new Global Plastics Action Partnership are all good examples of global, multi stakeholder efforts that seek to tap into the resources, innovation and expertise of their collective networks to collectively shape agendas and help slow down or reverse some of our most pressing environmental issues.” 

This sounds welcoming. The WEF wants individuals, especially the ones at the onset of their careers to consider channeling their energies towards multiple markets, in tandem with businesses and governments. If the reader is a little confused, think about it this way: whatever you’re doing right now, question yourself and your colleagues about the impact that your place of work or company is having on the environment and then consider what you can do. 

Even we don’t have all the answers. We’re trying our best just like you.  

Let’s keep blazing.

Have a great weekend 🙂

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