Tripping and Balancing between Nature and Pharma


Hello and Welcome to the 3rd Edition of Boomhouse, our weekly newsletter specifically dedicated to the science, history and practical applications of the cannabis plant. This endeavor will not only help us understand the history of the world, but also help us develop an understanding of the history of civilization itself. In the sense, basic questions like the evolution of humanity, the spread of humanity across the world, the origins of agriculture, the fact that Sapiens was not alone and many other things of a curious nature. There is only one purpose: the higher purpose. 

Let’s start booming. 

The World’s First Official Cannabis Drink

Too many people have speculated and asked questions like ‘who was the first person to smoke a cannabis joint’ or ‘how did our ancestors know that they could get high’ or other questions of a curious and philosophical nature. We can safely assume that human beings needed to explore the entirety of their surroundings owing to which they explored every possible plant and evaluated every animal they encountered via the filter of their ‘usefulness’ or ‘practicality’. Any plant found to be poisonous (a human being may have died upon its consumption) or any animal found not likely to be domesticated (adopt the dogs, cows and sheep but let’s not go near the lions or tigers or snakes because we’ll be ripped apart) had to be ignored. 

Amidst such a process of exploration it is prudent to reason that human beings started experimenting with the cannabis plant and found a lot of uses for it. 

The most visible part about the usage of cannabis is its smokable form. Images of men and women armed with their cannabis filled ‘joints’ or ‘bongs’ or assortments of other devices like pipes and vapes form most of the mainstream images about cannabis users in popular media and culture. However cannabis has a huge, huge fan following when it comes to making edibles and infusing cannabis in them. For instance Indians, over 2000 years back were propagating the use of Bhang – a cannabis infused drink consisting of cannabis, milk, dry fruits and other herbs for both medicinal and recreational purposes, as documented in ancient texts like the Vedas (literally called the books of knowledge) which are dated 1500 B.C by archeologists. 

As cannabis makes a modern comeback into the mainstream world owing to the United States’ gradual admission of the failure of the war on drugs’ prohibitionist approach to deal with drug trafficking and consumption, a scientific wave led by the medical community, social justice warriors and environmental advocates have increasingly called for looking at cannabis from a more practical view and the sober public should accept the fact that ‘getting high’ is normal and that humans have been doing it since the time of our ancestors. 

The sober public’s bodies also contain endocannabinoids and cannabinoid receptors, especially familiar to the phytocannabinoids – biochemical cousins of human endocannabinoids. Therefore it is quite ironical that people who call out cannabis users as ‘immoral’ or ‘dumb’ are themselves also unknowingly calling ‘evil’ their body’s biochemical cousins present in cannabis, nature having brought out its intellectual property in this regard. 

This is probably the reason that pharmaceutical companies are so afraid of cannabis. 

The strength of the medicinal compounds is nature’s intellectual property – owing to soil, sunlight and water. Millions of years of evolution has bestowed the cannabis plant with human beings’ own biochemical cousins, a process impossible to patent or replicate in the pharmaceutical labs. Since the modern pharmaceutical business model owes its billions to lab made synthetic molecules and in continuing to make people consume them, how can they let people be aware that nature has already ensured a medicine in the form of a plant? This in essence is the key point in the fight against bad logic, dumbness and loud mouths with confidence but absolutely no substance or knowledge of any kind.

Let’s keep booming. Have a great day 🙂 

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