Vibe Theory, one’s ‘best version’ and Hope

The Kush

Hello and Welcome to the 29th edition of The Kush. If you’re reading this for the first time, then welcome. It’s the first day of the week and we’re already tripping, for tripping is what we’re quite good at, and everyone is too, as long as they’re aware of it. We clarified what we mean by tripping in an earlier post. With that said, we must begin this week in a better frame of mind as compared to the last one, because we’ve noticed that certain things in the morning, when done right, set the tone for the rest of the day’s endeavors. 

Let’s start blazing. 

The Best Version

Many productivity and self-help advocates use a combination of words to motivate people in order to ‘chase their dreams’ and there’s now a sizable market for the sale of products and services geared towards ‘life coaching’, ‘management spirituality’ and other words of a marketing nature. It is prudent to reason that millions across the world need inspiration, guidance and the ability to ‘be the best versions of themselves’. And we know quite a bunch of men and women whom we like (or hate, since vengeance is a good reason for anyone to ‘become the best version of themselves’) well enough to emulate as possible role models. There are too many now, rather. 

What exactly is this ‘best version of oneselves’? 

The answer is assumed to be – amassing riches, being happy, amazing physique etc.

Ideally, all of them, at the same time. But this answer is too too simple. There’s probably no right answer. We’re all biologically similar but situationally too different. Think ideas, beliefs, customs, values all shaped by each person’s socio-economic circumstances. 

Let’s keep blazing. 

Trip all the time. 

Demand of yourself persistence and action for the only purpose is to fend off the peddlers of bad logic, the meek and the negative. 

In essence, to trip is to explore the things we like very deeply. Much deeper than the average lay out there. Of all the problems inherent in the world of ours today, some bother us, some not that much, some we don’t even bother about, while some we won’t even know about. For almost everyone around us, the onus is on the short story, as if attention spans could no longer handle deep, long form writing. The question then, is about what exactly to trip on; perched as we were atop the reaches of the earth, gazing down at the earth from outer space, watching living beings do things (work, play, eat, sleep) in order to survive and seek pleasure as much as possible (affordable) for them

What do we trip on? 

We trip by first, understanding the systems human beings have created for other human beings, and then two, we trip on how human beings have used the earth’s materials and their brains to make lives comfortable (and difficult) for other human beings all over the world. It is a lifelong quest and we’re seeking as many companions as possible, for more often than not, it’s the human to human relationships that serve as the bridge for our happiness and satisfaction. Remarkably, an obsession with biology (especially neurochemicals) adds perfectly into our overall scheme of things. Also finance. Because the markets speak for everyone and everything in the world of ours today. Quite exciting, needless to say. Lots to think about and trip. 

Let’s keep blazing. 

Hope is all we have

Despite the restlessness of our minds; despite the confusions we face from time to time, as if we cannot understand what’s going on; despite the innumerable times we’ve had to face negative emotions and thought patterns, sometimes in a runaway loop; the fact remains that hope is a very powerful construct, and there is plenty of hope for us in the world to emulate and look forward to. 

Protect your own vibe. Find your vibe if you don’t have one yet because everyone has a unique vibe. Many try to suppress their vibes, and in the process project an artificial vibe towards others in the course of their personal and professional lives. In case there comes a disconnect between their projected vibe and their actual, biological vibe, he or she may feel unsure of themselves, as if they’re ‘not a part of the gang’. Being different means being original, but seldom can people handle the times when their minds are in an abyss, consisting of all sorts of negative emotions.

Find your own vibe. Let’s keep blazing. 

Have a great day 🙂

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