Back To Writing After a 5 Month Break

He had turned 27 years old a few days ago.

He was feeling good about it. As if he were just getting started with his life. And what a life. Whenever, he heard the word ‘life’, his thoughts would drift to the monotonous senselessness that life had seemed to be, that had so plagued him once upon a time, making him do nothing and staying unproductive for days on end. In his mind’s eye, he only needed to rise beyond his immediate instinct of chasing pleasure, towards something much greater, namely the observation of his senses via the consciousness. How easy it was to talk, speak or write. He needed to ‘do’ more, and the others less.

He was writing after a gap of 5 months.

He had come across Dr. Joe Dispenza’s post on Instagram about our potential ability to choose the reality we want by experiencing them in the present via thoughts and emotions. It was such an empowering premise! He had already started in the morning, while talking walks in the park that occupied a major, dominant space in the vicinity of his immediate neighborhood. Sometimes, he thought if it were not for the existence of the park, he would have gone insane relying on cigarettes or pornography to destress. He knew that talking about stimulants and pornography would come across as abnormal to many individuals who were used to talking about issues like sports results or famous people. However in his case, he believed topics of an interesting, mature, intellectual nature indeed constituted stimulants, pornography, economics, geopolitics, technology, business and socio-cultural trends. After all, if we lost sight of what the broader society was up to, how could we hope to have an outsized impact on our world? Provided we wanted to, that is. He could understand the default nature of staying within one’s comfort zone, after all he himself did the same quite often. He wanted to break out more often and within due course of time, stay out of it on a daily basis.

The proliferation of verbal language and written symbols was a very important phase in the long arc of human history indeed. And what a history. A tale of glory amidst destruction more than anything else. The propensity of human minds to cause damage, yet also cause great joy was unrivalled. He was sure for a fact that, every individual in the world, had at one point or the other, harboured the most violent, sickening, depraved thoughts about their fellow human beings, and chosen not to act upon it, either because the thoughts horrified themselves, or because of the lack of the appropriate environmental trigger to do so. Yet, the fact that the thought had arisen means that we’re capable of acting out what we think under the right circumstances. He himself had often had many violent and dark thoughts. He still did. It was a part of himself he could easily observe now, and change into something better. With time, it would stop. He understood now why Religion played such an important role in many people’s lives. It provided a way for them to focus their minds on good thoughts and by extension, good deeds. He had started looking at the world’s religions in a new light.

Questions like the nature of suffering no longer bothered him. It was shameful that humans as a species were still not able to manage our food surpluses properly in a bid to eliminate hunger and malnutrition. It was shameful that humans as a species were still fighting over issues like physical land borders in the pursuit of sinister aims and ideologies. It was shameful that humans on a daily basis refused to do what was required in order to exercise their minds and bodies towards the betterment of other humans and be grateful for the privilege of being able to do so. He himself felt guilty of many of these issues from time and time, and yet what was he doing? He had to start doing something as fast as possible.

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