Mayhem, Cannabis and Web 3.0

“Mayhem in the markets” – this sounds so good to hear as long as the person in question is not involved in the financial markets or stands to gain from the mayhem so to speak. The media loves, adores and thrives on fear. What is forgotten to mention is the fact that the world was always, is always and will always be in mayhem, in one form or another. “Mayhem” is the perfect word to rile up the masses to discuss and spread more mental mayhem, even though the spreaders often have no idea about the exact nature of the mayhem in question. Yet, topics of discussion, no matter how shallow or deep they are, often comes down to the question of one’s environment. If you find yourself in company of individuals, say at a party, it makes perfect sense to seek validation for anything you want. However, that said, it is prudent to reason that respect of peers is often commanded when what you speak makes sense and is understandable to them. Therefore, clarity in a world of mayhem and trivialities is power.

Power and achievement lies at the heart of everyone’s deepest desires.

Many are often born into power networks, whether they know it or not. Many are not born into the right environments that they feel they should have been, although such a thing is not possible at all, in spite of one’s wildest imaginations. One cannot control where one is born and to whom and in which socio-economic stratified network of the world of ours today. Often, there are peans sung about the fact that the rich and powerful do not care for the masses. Often, what happens is that, the masses are under the impression that the rich and powerful are done with their lives, and are spending their lives in peaceful, rich, comfortable bliss, coccooned in their fancy nests, chasing one pleasure after another, and supposedly plotting ways to keep the masses in their stead. What is forgotten or not mentioned or not pondered upon is the fact that being rich and powerful is a mindset rather than something tangible like real, hard, cold money. And mindsets are temporary, and maintained at their peaks only by the very best. The majority simply fade away with time, their minds no longer at their best. It’s the same case with everyone. Yes, luck does play a role. Luck decides our birth. Therefore, what’s to say that luck has no role in one’s quality of life?

There are many things one can do in their lives. And many are indeed fortunate and grateful to have the small, comfortable luxuries. Our hearts do go out to the ones in suffering. Yet, one must know that if a problem continues to persist, many have tried and are trying to solve these issues. After all, there will always be problems and we’ll need to fight against our own minds in order to seek power and achievement. Fight against our own minds as we try to stay healthy for as long as possible. Fight against our own minds as we try to nurture our minds with the right stuff. It feels like a new dawn. He was bullish about Web 3.0. He was wondering about building something for cannabis by adopting Web 3 principles of people being able to own their actions and creations. He could imagine a small economy that had cannabis at its very roots. As in, food would come from rice, wheat, maize and cannabis. Drink would come from sugarcane, coffee and barley. Clothes and shelter would also come from cannabis. The cannabis plant was so useful. He was going to build it.

Cannabis economics all the way.

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