Cannabis and Crypto Lover

Sins had been able to source legal edibles last week.

There had been too much ‘concern’ about ‘drugs’ in the national media from time to time, over the entirety of 2021. Why exactly were the masses ‘concerned’ with consciousness altering substances, he did not quite understand. Claims of ‘immorality’ and ‘lack of culture’ did not resonate with him. Neither was anything spoken or debated about, clearly. The point of the media establishment seemed to be obfuscating real facts and the diversion of attention, rather than clarity of thought and information.

There ought to be more expectations from governments, businesses and communities alike. There were young people everywhere, most of them brimming with hopes and expectations. Yet, there was a cold realisation that they had to help themselves rather than depend on anyone else’s brains. The internet would play an important role in helping youngsters find inspiration and the spirit to understand how to create value. Since information availability was not a problem anymore, finding the right sources of information would make all the difference.

In a decade from now, around 2030, things would be an order of magnitude different than today. Regulators and politicians seem to be out of touch with the aspiration of youngsters who do not want to think about issues that are not socio-economically progressive. Many are first-generation graduates, post-graduates or bread-winners, finding themselves tangled between thoughts and beliefs that belong to multiple generations. Every nation-state goes through its own set of angsts and joys, which shapes its culture and its politics. Yet, in the case of India, multiple narratives of socio-cultural-political-economic thought seem to do the rounds. It felt like an abyss of differing views and beliefs. At the same time, there seemed to be an ‘invisible’ bond that was somehow keeping communities from boiling over.

The elites, everywhere were immune from such changes in demography, media and lifestyles. Maybe, because they were the first to adopt said changes first, which was true to some extent. There had been times when individuals would embark on a series of ‘What if’ statements where the role of luck in dictating one’s country of birth and one’s parents, would serve like a soothing balm from harder socio-economic realities in developing nations. Romantic movies and erotica served as the opium of the masses, a mind-numbing euphoria to peddle the vicest form of capitalism we’ve ever known.

A decadal timeline, written with his or her heart, on paper, ought to serve one well. It was for this reason that cannabis and cryptocurrencies occupied top of mind for this decade leading to 2030. There are moments in everyone’s lives where things automatically click. Yet, in Sins’ case, it was more about doing something to put his mind to, rather than a subjective experience about ‘eureka moments’ or something ‘divine’ in nature. He would not pretend, when there was nothing of value to write about. He had tried his hand at three jobs, subscribed to the authority of others in order to work like a team, and had come away scarred by the experiences. He was not blaming anyone or anything. He had accepted that he needed to improve his capabilities, network with more people and be honest about his thoughts, irrespective of whether someone understood or not.

He was extremely bullish about cannabis and crypto because he was able to relate with both of them really well. Firstly, government officials and regulators could not understand how to regulate them, and secondly, were also concerned that ‘control’ was slipping away from them. He wanted nothing better than to make this decision easier for them, and at the same time reach out to the vast domestic market that needed as many innovative market solutions as possible. Secondly, both cannabis and crypto adoption had a good pathway to growth for the entirety of this decade. What better way than to get into the ecosystem well and truly early?

Daily, all he hoped was to have the focus needed to act.

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