The World’s Largest Cannabis & Psychedelics DAO

There are many reasons why the idea of a DAO interests me. Firstly, DAOs will help in scaling the organization quickly across international physical borders. Secondly, DAOs need a native currency that will be regulated as both a security asset as well as in-network currency for multiple use cases, relevant both in the online and physical word. Thirdly, its about the decentralisation of power. This will mean that anyone who’s a part of the network will contribute in making the network a networked ‘state’. A new state, so to speak, that will own both online and physical real estate and other assets, in order to achieve the network’s commonly agreed-upon objectives.

While some form of centralization will be necessary at the beginning of the network’s adoption of token holders, it is important to realize that the network will be involved in both online and offline economies in order to build a diversified treasury of both online and offline assets that includes real estate. Therefore, what is needed to begin is first, a name. Second, a common manifesto that includes both the online and offline product that can attract more users. Three, approaching the initial list of token holders for both online and offline worlds, by building the minimum viable product, approaching VCs and then scaling the product to the ideal Web3 vision.

Many individuals and businesses, may be thinking: why cannabis? Why psychedelics?

The reason is very simple. We believe that we’re on the cusp of multiple economic revolutions: led by blockchain technology which enables the development of smart contracts and an internet of ‘value’ to buy, sell and transact assets in digital form, we will see many yet-to-mature markets becoming built online, web3 first. Decentralization of power structures is a fundamental shift that is underway, and the internet and blockchain can enable this, provided that the incentive structures are designed well.

In multiple parts of the world, cannabis and psychedelics remain under researched, under marketed and therefore, under sold. However, in spite of decades of being a cult movement and network of drug trafficking networks among many others, cannabis and psychedelics continue to be consumed and used for medicinal, recreational and other practical applications. Research, market and sell. If life could be summed up as simply, we would indeed be very fortunate for abstracting away so many complexities inherent in the real world. The same it is for cannabis and psychedelics.

The world’s largest DAO will be as big as the East India Company of the centuries gone by, or today’s Amazon, Apple or Alphabet. We’ll incorporate cultivators of plants, processors, distribution and storage facilities, marketing and sales networks, international trade networks, regulatory and scientific networks, research facilities and in the process, build the world’s largest collectivist, capitalist network focused on combining cannabis and psychedelics with a Web3 first product. My ideal vision of a future is for individuals from across the world contribute to the projects they like by holding the project’s tokens as both a security asset as well as native governance token to shape the network’s real world footprint.

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