The Important Matters of the Day

Post the third edible, a calm wave of radiation seemed to pass over the immediate surroundings.

He was the last one remaining inside the ‘Nomads’ office. The others had seen no reason to accompany him. They were happy and done for the day; when in fact the day had just started for him. Thinking was an ever-present objective in the lives and times of humans. All sorts of decisions were needed to be made. Of course, one could choose to ignore them and get by, but better to think about them. Because, ignorance would lead one only so far. The high and mighty, the low and trodden, it didn’t matter where or who one was at a single point in time. There were too many things going on in the world, yet the core macro trends were clear: ‘green’ the planet, improve new technologies and materials and web3, the third iteration of the internet, the internet of ‘value’.

The concept of nation-states didn’t serve enough purpose for the ones who were rational, secure and independent off the needs and worries that afflicted the not so well-off masses present in the world. Indeed, it was possible to think of the world as a collection of ‘network-states’, akin to city-states of the eras gone by, with each network-state proficient in serving select needs and requirements of other network-states. Humans have become used to looking at actual reality from the lens of their electronic screens, and for many, this difference is no straight-forward. Our online and physical selves are merging. And given a choice, why would one need the mundaneness or often downright drudgery of the real world, except for sports, fitness or other applications of such productive nature?

A better thing to think about is, what can we do to keep our brains ‘flowing’ all the time, from one task to another, in a seamless, joyous haze of bountiful ideas and thoughts. Letting one’s imagination loose, so to speak. It made sense to think thoughts, greater than one’s physical circumstances, no matter how trivial it would seem in the beginning. Better to make our minds accumulate ambitious thoughts of abundance, slowly and steadily, before reaching a crucial, momentum-laden, inflection point, post which one can be said to have ‘changed’ as a person in term of small changes in personality or non-verbal signs or cues. This is bound to happen.

Staying true to this new persona dictates that we give it our all, yet all in all, with a clear conscience that it is impermanent, and will likely change soon if not already. Hour by hour, a dose of affirmation maybe needed for the mind to re-mind itself of its new found persona. Else, from time to time, older thought patterns may bubble up to the surface of the conscious mind and dictate already-learnt behaviours, that serve to remind one that they’re still in the past, subtly trapped in it so to speak. The cravings of the flesh, food and drink will goad one’s senses to indulge themselves in waves of pleasure after pleasure, eventually rewiring the natural dopamine system of the body. This was the state he found himself in at the moment. A haze of unkempt habits that served to produce low frequency vibrations of lust, craving and attachment.

Rise, rise. Rise, above.

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