A Perfect Storm of Circumstances

There are many things an individual can potentially accomplish in their day to day lives.

All change simply needs a subtle shift in thought. The nature of the thought will dictate how one takes the next step. There are many thoughts available for us to think on a daily basis. We often loose track of time, and are astonished that the ‘time flew by’. It is better to make use of each day by staying focused, rather than spend the days in hue and cry, chasing one kind of pleasure after another; which far from providing satisfaction, actually worsens it. Among many things that are written about in this blog, cannabis forms an important part in most of them. Truly blessed is the person, who ticks their mind all the time, intently observing the to and fro, of incoming and outgoing thoughts.

Every individual is a product of his of her socio-economic circumstances. Beyond a point, the hands dealt by fate, could be erased and refreshed if one sought to. However, seldom make this choice, or indeed can afford to, because so much of one’s personal identity is already deeply tied to one’s present lifestyle, that deviating from it or making changes to it, puts us in an uncomfortable position. Yet, discomfort is truly the modern way of being comfortable. Labels and words do not seem to have much meaning anymore. Neither did geographical and linguistic roots for that matter. Personally, being rootless, without the conception of a larger family or community in mind, was unnerving. Apparently, human beings needed a ‘story’ that would give some sort of ‘meaning’ to their lives.

It is very easy to slip into the void. Incoming thoughts about the pointlessness of life, are few and far in between these days. Yet, the joys of life, being full of energy, is a blessing as well. The mind could truly flip one way or another, and over time, build new personalities and habits as if it was simply an adjustable compromise that could be done again if we so wished. Such experiences are centric to ‘thoughts become things’ discussions or ‘manifesting’ one’s dreams so that one could ‘live’ their desired life in their minds first and then produce them in reality, provided certain things like gratitude were in full swing. The long arc of technology will never truly stop. The way to live is to be on the front seat as it unravels right in front of everyone’s noses. There are fortunes waiting to be made for the ones who seek them on a daily basis.

An alternative financial system had been set up from scratch and currently was worth over $2 trillion. Decentralization of power is imminent, and we’re moving from believing in ‘nation-states’ to ‘network-states’. Nationalism did have its own set of uses and limits. Yet, time and again, it proved to be not so practical for issues like economics, finance, manufacturing or technology. Shared experiences of one nation and some of its communities helped in cooperating towards key objectives, yet for how long can we continue to let ‘someone take charge and decide how things are run’? Individuals wanted to be truly free, irrespective of where they stood now. True freedom is the ideal we all must strive towards. Often, our own sense organs provide us with the temptation to crave mindless pleasure. They must be simply observed and watched away. Yes, easy to say. Time to do.

There are many things to do. What should we do? Individuals have multiple interests. Farming vegetables? Making paper? Mining copper? Fishing? Writing software? Cultivating coffee? Writing essays and poems? Teaching? Pumping crude oil? Manufacturing electric vehicle batteries? Selling plastic? Stitching clothes made of hemp? Playing football or a sport? What exactly can we do? What should we take up? Let’s start with: sports, cannabis and web3.

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