Writing about Day 0

Time and again, the questions were the same.

Once someone knew what to do, it was better to give one’s all and be good at it, instead of pontificating and doing nothing. Its called ‘living in the head’. Living in the head was for the ones who were shielded from the travails of being involved in basic supply chains like agriculture, power, water, textiles and so on and so forth. These were the ones working in software aggregators or say, financial technology. Yet, judgement was of no use for anyone. The grass was served up green on the other side always. Better to mow and work on our own grasses and turn them green over a few weeks or months. It was time; a cold coffee was in order.

The lush coffee estates filled up his mind, like a delightful, cold morning sight. It was said that among many things. coffee prices would start climbing from sometime around the middle of this decade because of shortages due to climate change induced effects on its preferred climes of growth. Growing one’s own food and generating clean energy is often one of the cherished visuals that many hold in their mind’s eye. Few if any, actually do something about it. Renewable energy promises to decentralize power generation for the masses while hydroponics and in-house or vertical farming stand to do the same for growing food ingredients. Biotech labs will also be involved.

A healthy person’s diet is currently not affordable to many millions all over the world, while changing lifestyles owing to the changed nature of work and social habits, has added to health burdens that could have been prevented under different circumstances. Awareness of something, is of course the first step. Acting upon it, of course the most important thing to do. Biotech, currently solving for chronic health diseases, would in time be used to upgrade healthy humans as well, because why not? Unless, a globally acclaimed conscience were somehow able to arrive at a consensus that, unless every chronically sick human was cured, advanced biotech upgrades would be unavailable for the already healthy. How this will exactly pan out, is something that we’ve currently no idea about. We should think.

Economic inequality was apparently at an all-time high. This is the result of centralization of power in institutions, curbing socio-economic freedom in one way or another, an unnatural obsession with security and terrorism, lack of understanding with regards to how basic economics worked, and the rotten, demeaning, vested self-interests of select groups ad communities. Rather than face problems head on and speak about them, irrespective of whether one had the ability or intellect to solve it, the middle and upper classes, sequestered in their decently comfortable homes with electricity and hot bath water, had turned their cheeks away, instead preferring to think as if the problems did not exist. And anyway, who even had the ability or even the desire to solve hard problems anymore? It was all about filling your pockets in one way or another, whether one was a public or private professional. A better socio-economic model was needed. One rooted in local community, yet at the same time relevant to human capital and global supply chains.

Why was capitalism as a system facing the brunt of the woke intellectuals’ criticism exactly? After all, will they care to define what their version of capitalism is, in the first place? It was agreeable that large numbers of masses were pushed out of capitalism owing to lack of basic education and healthcare facilities. Of course, one’s socio-economic standing at birth dictated to a large extent, the kind of networks of people and ideas that one would occupy. One can of course, jump up and down the socio-economic ladder all the time. But it did need good acting skills and an uncanny ability to understand the nature of human self-interest, the nature of evil and the tryst that humans make with power and money.

The influence of the government loomed large over society. It was unimaginable that blind trust and faith served to put representatives of the people in power, when the fact was that anyone could come to an understanding about the glorified protection rackets being run in the name of national security. While, a function like security of the land borders and the open seas, did merit the government’s role (as do other functions like consumer protection and capital market regulation), it was difficult to understand why governments tended to interfere in issues like culture and ideology. Nation-states seemed primed to be taken over by network-states over the coming decades, all united by the blockchain.

What should we do, in light of all the new information that’s hurtled at us everyday?

Build. Build ventures. Find something we like. Let’s study it deeply enough, interact with people who work in it, and find the problems that need to be solved. While this is a very simplistic way of going about things, it does serve its purpose, provided one is clever enough to have the ability to navigate themselves across the internet to find the best pieces of information. There was too much information now, and not one right way to study. Therefore, study and research at your own pace. It was time to start again, its day 0.

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