Calling the Cannabis Community of the World to Unite

Death and rebirth is all too often, happening around us all the time.

Its the reason, when someone has “changed” after sometime, could be over days, weeks, months or years. That’s because we change every second, from a biological point of view. New cells and neurons are being created constantly and used by our body automatically. The actions we take on a daily basis can compound over days into weeks and months, to create new habits, whether they are conscious or unconscious. Mostly though, we fall into our routines because of our environment, After a certain age though, we are mature and then choose to deliberately fashion our environment and of course, eventually our future.

For the longest amount of time, we’ve had people tell us to stop thinking for ourselves and conform with the dominant views of society, as things currently stood for. There has been a calculated attempt to prevent people from thinking for themselves. For ages, the ones who used cannabis for re-creation and medical purposes, were had to face the brunt of the law, and made to feel ashamed of their consumption of it. All this because of a colossal vestige of trying to control what people wanted to do when they wanted to. There are millions of people who trap themselves and their communities from doing what they want to. Cannabis has always helped individuals come out of their self or society-imposed restrictions with regards to thinking for themselves.

We’re starting a new community that will speak out for the medicinal plant community across the world. All around us, there’s a sense of chaos and a lack of order with regards to how things work. The world seems complicated, but underneath it all, its really not. This elaborate system that distributes money and power has turned capitalism into a rent-seeking and extractive system that rewards only those who conform or bend to powers that be. Not any more. By using the power of software to co-ordinate the movements of communities, educators and creators across the world, we have a better way to transform capitalism into the power that it can be, for people all over the world, who are not interested in narrow, inward looking views to run our world

Arise the power of the cannabis community to shape a better world.

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