Open Minds Open The World

For as long as we can remember, we’ve had the feeling that there is too much happening around us. The truth is that most of it is noise. We know how a majority of the universe is composed of dark matter. Meaning, to say that a healthy part of the universe is composed of nothing. How is this possible? Does it not mean, that out of so much happening, only a select few are worthwhile to be known? So, how can we know more and do more? How can we stimulate our minds well enough, so that we can do anything we like to and want to? The human mind is a wonderful tool. Let’s use it.

More than anything, an open mind is a feeling. It is an experience where bliss is tantamount to making our true self, stand out from its masked self, in the truest sense of the word. Who do we want to become? Do we be deliberate about it, or do we let our passivity let itself show the way to us? Let us spare a thought for our friends, who are stuck in an incessant cesspool from which escape can feel impossible. Despair, agony and chaos is common in such environments. The human mind wants to be free. Suppressing it can only take it so far, before something unwanted emerges out of ourselves like a demon sometime in the future, under the right set of triggers.

An open mind is a virtue. So what is an open mind? It is a mind that feels the pulse of the world and positions itself in a position of peace and tranquility as much as possible, by either retreating from society itself or helping to change it for the better is as many ways as possible. Let us spare a thought for our friends who consciously or not, tend to play down their peers just because they feel uncomfortable of openness. Let us spare a thought for the individuals who do not wish to improve their present situation in any way. Let us spare a thought for everyone who finds themselves in circumstances not conducive for their well-being. Let us, in summation, spare a thought for everyone who would tend to suck out our energies simple because openness threatens them in some way. Open minds are not interested in personal or professional politics. Yet, many of them have no choice. Better to speak up than remain silent.

Open minds are a rarity in our world. Preserve and nurture it for as long as possible. Feed it only the right things. Anything that seems to be a low frequency emotion like lust or anger, should be addressed by observing one’s state of mind and then do nothing about it,. Emotions and feelings are a perfect barometer to explain our world by. It was something we are guilty of ignoring for many years. Yet, it served its purpose quite well. Not only was silence prudent in many cases, but in may cases, it also helped to observe others and size them up in terms of their openness. The world is changing fast. New ways of doing things abound around all of us. The last two decades seemed to go have done by in a flash. Yet, for how long do we have to remain stuck on the status quo and live freely, like we are meant to?

There are many interesting things to do in the world today. We also know that our planet has physical resource limitations, owing to which we’re likely to become an inter-planetary solar system faring species. Mining of metals and minerals would probably head off into the vast realms of inter-planetary space. There seemed to be nothing better of a way, to outsource the extraction of mines from the surface of the planet. We can expect to green over all the spots which are now beyond exploitation and have cratered into a useless piece of unproductive land. The future was exciting from a technology’s pint of view. Yet, it seems as if there are aspects about the human mind about which we are not yet convinced about. For instance, our habit of ascribing authority to political figures, the ones who make decisions for a nation-state’s welfare, and in many cases often tried to cling on to power for as much time as possible. Power corrupts, and absolute power definitely does. There seemed to be every chance that the way we worked on political issues was going to go through an unprecedented change.

While it was true that humans liked to be of service to others, it was also true that power for power’s sake did not make sense for all the people. The job of a government came down to providing security in exchange for deploying public funds. Yet, how often have governments gotten away with the less than satisfactory score of using public money for the welfare of the public? Humans are fallible and did not deserve to regulate other human beings. The job of regulation was better left to machines that ran on software. We can trust machines to do the job that is allocated to them. We cannot trust humans to make decisions for large cohorts of people numbering in the millions.

While there is a lot of talk about the coming third iteration of the internet, it is prudent to reason that we need a side by side shift in the mindset of people as well. Yet, for the longest time possible, humans have always thrived in small communities. Therefore, communities based on closed-knit networks, based on passions and interests, was a better model to follow rather than loyalty to a nation-state. More and more, it seemed as if the world was intent on diverging into two directions. A set of people who did not belong to one particular place and were global and cosmopolitan in their outlook, while another set of people who believed in the sacredness of their own history and nation-state community, separate from the others, and wanted special privilege for it.

What should we do then?

Nothing. That’s because people are instinctively looking to make progress in their lives. The era of free trade and globalization has not gone anywhere. It is just taking a break. Even though people who believe in the supremacy of their own nation-state believe that they are the brightest corner of the world, their nationalist outlook does not solve anything for the human species as a whole. This is because today, the biggest problems of the world are already global in nature. Supply chains are inter-connected from one nation to another. Even though a set of people are whipped into a frenzy of emotion about the supremacy of their community, clever businessmen and women were trading and exchanging value with each other right underneath all their noses. It felt as if manipulation was a no-holds barred competition in a world of centralized technology companies.

Clarity is power.

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