Thoughts in Time, Save Lives

The sunshine illuminated their grinning faces like the warmth of a rekindled friendship.

Some of them could not remember the last time they had seen the sun. Drenched in its glow, surrounded by frolic, their skins wrapped in winter wear, the lawns seemed to have stirred their familiarity with the earth. The individuals watched the collective go about, like cameras embedded with intelligence. Each speck of grass reflected the fertile plain of thoughts that flashed inside their minds, meshed with images that clashed with their pasts and jostled for their attention among the present. With life all around them & ahead of them, destiny was there for the taking. Luck, belief & faith haloed across the gates, right through the buildings, into their hearts & minds, arriving and leaving time and again, like fleets of container ships constantly on the move, collecting & moving one type of baggage after another, across cultures, across space. Everyone’s realities mixed with another’s, as one cut after another sculpted & shaped them into reaching for something that lay beyond their immediate grasp. Something they didn’t even know, was there. Maybe there was nothing there or something.

For a while, time warped itself.

Carbon based living beings as they were, held together with each other by silicon based devices, little did they understand how the collective’s interactions moved physical reality and shaped everyone’s tomorrow. They wanted to understand everything. The thought pushed them ahead sometimes, driving them into the unknown, with excitement & fear mixed up in equal measure. Sometimes, it would drive them into.a quandary, where mental pushbacks occurred in the form of headless chickens running in circles spurting blood or irrational behaviour hell bent on self-destruction. Sometimes it would manifest itself into various forms of madness & pretentiousness interspersed with moments of brilliance & honesty. There is no end to this, neither was there a beginning. They had come full circle, but a circle of one kind was wrapped with another, and another, and another, ad infinitum.

There were no secrets anymore. They were seen & unseen and back again.

Far away in the wilderness beyond human civilization, there existed serenity & peace, or so is what they thought, before the realization of existence and all its joy & cruelty, would snatch that particular thought away; like a new-born baby never to see the light again. There was calm amidst the chaos within their minds which they sought to address with interesting company & conversation, satiating themselves time & again, only to face the chaos a few minutes or hours later. Anything they touched, anyone they met, turned into objects with sin & characters with scripts, acting out what they had rehearsed over the last decade.

With no mortal threats to their lives yet, to push them over the edge, they were creating their own edges.

They were all edging.


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