Narratives to change reality

A life lived on the edge is a life well-lived, or so it was said.

Philosophers have always thought about the existence of reality as it is, thereby giving wings to ancient wisdom, spirituality & modern scientific thinking. The rise of individual productivity starting from the 18th century, combined with the imperialist and colonialist eras, created the institutions we are familiar with today. The internet made the individual more powerful but under the pact that platforms & intermediaries would dictate the rules of value exchange, akin to governments, which have always sought to make rules & regulations for everyone else to follow in the name of public safety & national security. In an era of information overload & chaos, we’ve forgotten that true economic freedom requires coming to terms with equally true responsibilities. And keeping up with responsibilities is boring.

There are 8 billion people in the world today, who’re living, working & playing.

While each mature individual grapples with existence & reality in their own way, the free market principle dictates that other individuals across the world create products & services for the same purpose. It could be functional like foods, beverages & housing materials to entertainment & leisure like online gaming & media. Recently, I met some interesting people who viewed the world solely from the perspective of a divide, the males & females, akin to how advertisers have always segmented the human population into cohorts, groups & communities. Similarly, since creation is such an individual process amongst living in the collective social context that, our own choices & lifestyles often become a ‘view of ourselves projected onto the world’. This view will not be understood to as many people as one thinks, and would require constant honing and iterating.

For thousands of years, humans have tried to break free of the shackles that meant inefficiency, stasis & low productivity.

For the next few decades, we’re going to work on entirely new ways of living, working & playing. Our economic & monetary destinies will no longer depend on the whims & fancies of individual nation-states bordered by physical realities. The age of pegging reserve currencies to energy resources like crude oil is over, it is in its last stages. The world’s elites have always tried to trick the masses into adopting standards & ways of living over the course of a few decades, often using the media infrastructure to keep them away using tactics like shame, fear & the unknown being against ‘normal’ ways of living. They do this so that the masses never find out what is really happening, until all the early adopters have made their fortunes. This pattern has repeated itself for thousands of years; there is no need to even make a case for this. It happened when writing & accounting was invented. It happened during the years of the printing press & the renaissance. It happened again during the industrial revolution, the age of electricity, the invention of the automobile, the creation of the federal reserve, creation of the gold standard, the rise of the internet and it is happening again with crypto & blockchain; only this time its happening together with artificial intelligence, mobile computing, robotics & geopolitics.

Everyone wants to live on the edge. The edges push the normal and create history.


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