Starr Comes Back

People come, people go; we think, we live & exist.

The universe has its ways of communicating with us. It’s expressed as people, signs, icons & other symbols or meanings that we use to make sense of the world around us. The individual who exists in his or her social collective is wired to think & feel as per evolutionary biochemical algorithms being processed every second by their organic, carbon-based self. Many times, these algorithms will make you lie back, seek comfort & justify everything going on in the world, from both personal & professional points of view. But, the still mind, cultivated over months & years, will leave tons of energy in the reserve for us to make use of, communicate with the universe & make the best possible, conscious decisions to live a deep, purposeful life, minus all the clutter & distractions inherent in this age of information.

He had seen Starr again, in a different form, as a different being. Such is the nature of the universe.

Energy is the currency that our universe understands. Therefore, it stands to reason that energy is what we can control, emit & hold, as and when we want. But where is energy supposed to be spent, saved & compounded over time? It was fascinating how analogies work here. The modern economy was built on the premise of cheap energy, gleaned majorly from coal & crude oil. The age of the dollar, as the world’s reserve currency was an event pegged to the energy resources that would power the world, from distributing electricity to everyone (thereby creating more time to work and think in the nights) to making the blessed microprocessors that run our smart devices. Most of the jargon about money just talk about saving, spending & compounding them over years. Same is the case with the energies inside our bodies.

Starr was talking about technology. How it was shaping us all into the next phase of evolution. From Sapiens to Deus.

When our energy reserves are saved and directed to the right activities and humans, they will compound over time and create power. And when we can feel this power coursing through our blood vessels & veins, it alters the state of our minds, it alters the state of our consciousness. We’ve made a pact with ourselves to reach our highest station in life, and one can either be a nihilist lamenting the inherent chaos of existence on this world, or embrace the uncertainty. Acceptance of existence as something to feel instead of calling it pointless is the first step to elevate our consciousness. Again and again, the thought will nag us, the thought being “what is to be done now?”. It’s a classic symptom of complacency that comes with decent or a mediocre level of success. At this point is when philosophising about existence & the state of the world, kicks in, which would either keep you at the same station of life or push you towards achieving more.

Starr’s energy was captivating, infectious & radiant.

A plethora of literature talk about feeding off the energy of our surroundings, our environment & our social circle. Not everyone has the energy levels that will pull one out of their chosen energy levels; if they want to be pulled out that is. Many do. It’s about finding them. Often times, they will just appear out of nowhere. Patience goes a long way in finding the right people to align one’s energies towards. There are different kinds of energies too. To each his or her own.

Starr was back. The blessed energy was back. The universe did listen.


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