The Reawakening

At long last it had happened.

A human being’s perception of time, originally tethered to nature’s cycles of day & night, change of seasons & wind speeds, had now coalesced around the standard mechanism of the clock. Across the world, from the most progressive civilization to the most regressive, the clock has been accepted as the way to co-ordinate with each other. The first Homo Sapiens had grouped up, traveled across the savannahs of Africa, humming with the drive of exploration to blanket the world to its farthest corners. The forge of our ancestors lie within us. It us now up to us to forge the new world and fulfil the project our ancestors had begun in earnest, in a quest to survive, feel the womb of the earth and thrive amidst the ravages of nature.

The seeds that lay dormant in his mind, in the deepest parts of his psyche had now awakened. Everyone could sense it. Some admired it, some feared it, some could not understand it, while some did not think about it and preferred to ignore it, hoping they had not seen it. The iron hand of destiny had its say after all. The voices of his ancestors had reached out to him and asked him to fulfil the responsibility he owed to his tribe. The modern world and all its peoples were now his tribe. As the world rumbled forth, tied together in one common destiny, owing to the long arc of history, society & technology, ideas of the common collective good were now so many that, having a dialogue was seeming to be a chore. The idea of us, the idea of others, as different, as alien, as less than human, was an idea that our ancestors understood well, for only then were Sapiens victorious; having forged their destiny at the expense of all the others.

We find ourselves in a decade of turmoil, where the ideas of diversity and inclusion are understood on an intellectual level. Yet the ideas of difference, instead of commonality continues to be more seductive. Human psychology and biology continue to be misunderstood, while we continue to find solace among people similar to us, refusing to even understand the lifestyles of individuals and communities who are not similar to us. The global elite lack a common vision, with their ideas for humanity’s collective good out of depth, out of smarts and out of breadth. They cannot comprehend the modern world, but neither can the masses, as masses continue to be distracted, numbed and suppressed, unsure of the idea of modernity in the face of their existing traditions. They cling on to the past while the future laughs in their faces. They cling on to the tried and tested methods of governance, while the ideas of the future shock them into refusing to hear it, let alone embrace it with open arms.

By the of this decade, the old power guard will be dead.

From the ashes of their legacy shall arise the new guard, who will forge the destiny of the new world. A new socio-political vision for humanity. A new world in the trues sense of the word. The past shall finally be forgotten. But, before we get there, the old guard will fight, blood shall be spilt, voices shall be suppressed, minds and hearts will be ripped from their bodies, as a new generation takes the reins of the world and leads us to the future. The responsibility of today’s young lie with the future. The ones who embrace this responsibility of shepherding the weakest of us, the most confused of us, the most clueless of us, the ones struggling to forge their identities in this new world, shall be rewarded with the greatest sense of fulfilment ever felt in the history of human civilization.

The responsibility of harnessing raw power. The reawakening had begun.

Let the world hear it. We’re finally awake.


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