Dot not get it

They did not get it.

They just did not and would not get it until and unless he did something about it. What was to be done about it? A deep, deep psychological scalpel awaited all those who constantly went about the search of finding something they realized they lacked. As long as one did not, or was rather never allowed to realize what they perceived as lacking, they would not do anything about it. Doing something about anything was a matter of thinking and doing. Too many people made the mistake of only doing one thing or the other, when the fact of the matter was that, when both were done, it gave the individual superpowers that he or she could only have dreamt of.

The act of thinking and then capturing it in shape or form, any shape or form, would generate the depth one required to live in the modern world. On one hand there was the consciously thinking individual, and on the other there was the sometimes conscious, while sometimes unconscious individual. Was it better not to think when to certain things? Certainly, for it is very easier to be seduced by thinking and not acting on anything. This thin king seduction can often manifest as a form of narcissism because think about it. How can else can an individual, without their conscious self realizing it, descend into a habit of having thoughts, go without validation for it from the social environment, and continue to believe he or she was living as it was ought to be? Now we get into the murky territory of contemplating whether there existed a right way to live.

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