Relapsing, Recovering and Relapsing.

Time stood still when Sins felt the rumblings begin from the base of his stomach, just above his intestines, to rise up like a volcano through his food pipe. His legs were moving as fast as he could stagger drunkenly towards the toilet. A mixture of garlic bread, yogurt, fried chicken and banana cake erupted … Continue reading Relapsing, Recovering and Relapsing.

Dismembered in Dirt

His screams reverberated across the small dingy alleyway, soaked by now in the relentlessly pounding rain. The three men led him by his arms towards their car, a plain black coloured Ford parked at the alley's entrance. He couldn't believe this fate would befall him. Tears of anger and grief streamed across his already wet … Continue reading Dismembered in Dirt

Johnny’s Crime

Malcolm had started watching crime thrillers four years ago. Beginning with the movie 'Blow', starring Johnny Depp as the real life George Jung, Malcolm realized that he felt a particular affinity to drug pushers. They produced, transported and sold their goods in a meticulous fashion, and went to great lengths to protect it. It was … Continue reading Johnny’s Crime