The Murder of Innocence.

Late last night, as he was about to fling his body towards his mattress, he decided it was too hot and hence, a warm shower was in order. Everyone deserved a warm shower at the end of a day, like a loner who deserved the pleasure of company. The dim light inside his bathroom flickered … Continue reading The Murder of Innocence.

The Time To Learn Is Now. The Time To Kill is Now.

He looked at her standing with her back towards him, several feet away, immersed in her Mac book, and promptly turned away, as if guided by his legs magically, independently from the power of his mind, when his mind realized the folly, only to retrace his steps back towards her. Closing his eyes for a … Continue reading The Time To Learn Is Now. The Time To Kill is Now.

Bossed Around,Tossed Around, Screwed Around, For What? Worth.

He only opened his eyes because he could. Tossing around his mattress, that had been uncovered for days, piled with dirty clothes, junk food wrappers, old newspapers and seventeen empty cigarette packets containing ash, he spied Satan, the cockroach he had named so last night, after it flew straight for his mouth, as if intent … Continue reading Bossed Around,Tossed Around, Screwed Around, For What? Worth.

The Sound of Sirens

Sins was taking a gigantic shit at six in the morning when the light in his bathroom went out. Left with nothing but the sound of his breathing and his butt spewing torrents of shit towards the splashing water beneath, he recalled how last night had been a disaster waiting to happen. He had started … Continue reading The Sound of Sirens

Dismembered in Dirt

His screams reverberated across the small dingy alleyway, soaked by now in the relentlessly pounding rain. The three men led him by his arms towards their car, a plain black coloured Ford parked at the alley's entrance. He couldn't believe this fate would befall him. Tears of anger and grief streamed across his already wet … Continue reading Dismembered in Dirt