Tripping on Markets, Growth and Killing Distractions

Boomtown Welcome to the 13th edition of Boomtown. If you’re reading this for the first time, welcome to Boomtown. We’re tripping as usual and the day couldn’t have gone better, as of this writing. Time and again we’ve managed to look past our own issues and problems, in light of the more pressing challenges still … Continue reading Tripping on Markets, Growth and Killing Distractions

Indian, Dutch and Canadian Cannabis

Boomtown Hi! Welcome to the 3rd edition of Boomtown, our newsletter written and published on Friday at exactly 4:20 p.m. Today, we plan to do a quick overview about European cannabis (specifically the Dutch and the Germans) before blazing on towards the Canadian cannabis giants. Lastly, we turn our attention to India, where over the … Continue reading Indian, Dutch and Canadian Cannabis