Brain Fog, Brain God, Brain on Pot

As I trip hard writing this; it is prudent to mention that there lies a deep, deep angst buried within me; in the deepest recesses of my brain; where many ugly things lie in wait and reach the surface of my thoughts from time to time - hate and lust to name the two main … Continue reading Brain Fog, Brain God, Brain on Pot

The Quintessential Modern Life

"She's got a smile that it seems to me, reminds me of childhood memories, when everything was as great as the bright blue sky" "Really?" "Yes" "Awesome. So have you told her?" "That she's got a smile that reminds me of the bright blue sky? Not directly. I wrote a letter a few months back. … Continue reading The Quintessential Modern Life

Your Problems Will Not End. Make Them Better.

She was sitting right opposite to him in another room and the walls were transparent. He pretended to work, clicking random icons on his screen, unlocking his smartphone from time to time, every few seconds, in a bid to look busy in case she was looking at him. He wondered what was up with him, … Continue reading Your Problems Will Not End. Make Them Better.

What is the best way to live?

He saw her. She didn't. Or she had before him, he wasn't sure. A moroseness had enveloped him for the last few hours, his insides feeling wrinkled, like a piece of stale cloth. He was not going to blame it on anything or anyone. Whatever happened to him was entirely his responsibility and no one … Continue reading What is the best way to live?

The Achiever Habit

Sins had formed a new habit, whereby as soon as he woke up, he undressed, and stand under the icy cold shower for a duration of exactly two minutes, feeling the numb pulsating waves of sleep disappearing from his mind, and the day ahead getting brighter in focus. A 750 ml gulp of water in … Continue reading The Achiever Habit

The Age of Flesh

Starr woke up on a bright Sunday afternoon and promptly went back to sleep again. Beside her, Sins lay with his back slightly arched, working away on his laptop diligently, intently scouring for new brands and companies to pitch his business to. Sins loved prospecting like this, firmly lost inside the crevices of his mind, … Continue reading The Age of Flesh