The New Indian Manifesto

Note: The aim of this post is as always, to educate and inform. This post is intended for everyone in the world, but primarily for the Indian youth population. Youth here, defined as men, women, boys and girls from the ages of 15 to 35. BOOM! As we draw down towards the beginning of the … Continue reading The New Indian Manifesto

Everyone Wants The Same Fundamental Things. Stop and Think.

Sins had woken up earlier than usual. For a moment, he was tempted to close his eyes and let the upper region of his body drift downwards towards the makeshift pillow that he had created, composed of seven folded pants laid atop each other. He was able to resist the temptation easily. Aware that it … Continue reading Everyone Wants The Same Fundamental Things. Stop and Think.

Romantic Thoughts About The Beautiful Future That Beckoned, For Some

They had had a lovely candlelight dinner with a view of the entire city. After desert, while they were sitting together, arms wrapped around, deep in lip lock, both of them felt the gradual rise of a deep, meaningful connection, akin to beautiful rivers and mountain sides, with all their splendour, touching the skies; the … Continue reading Romantic Thoughts About The Beautiful Future That Beckoned, For Some

What is Going To Happen In a Couple of Decades?

His mind would always stay absolutely still as he figured out his way through the maze of information he came across everyday on a daily basis, from books, websites, people and online and offline advertisements. Everyone was a specialist, in his or her own domain of choice or interest, as modeled by the famed Scottish … Continue reading What is Going To Happen In a Couple of Decades?

The Achiever Habit

Sins had formed a new habit, whereby as soon as he woke up, he undressed, and stand under the icy cold shower for a duration of exactly two minutes, feeling the numb pulsating waves of sleep disappearing from his mind, and the day ahead getting brighter in focus. A 750 ml gulp of water in … Continue reading The Achiever Habit

The Fruits of Life

Sins realised he had two sides of himself, two separate beings, two conscious voices within his ever evolving mind. He was mortally afraid of one side, since it strived to create an impulsive side of him hell bent on self-destruction, right from subjecting his body to every kind of intoxication possible and goading him constantly … Continue reading The Fruits of Life

Anti-Social Brethren

Malcolm wished he could be high all the time. But, then he figured the novelty of peace and bliss would gradually become the new sober state of the mind, post which he would crave a higher feeling anyway. He decided he would be happier with how things were currently, where upliftment of the mind was … Continue reading Anti-Social Brethren

Evil at the Top

Malcolm Mathew was standing on the edge of a 76 storey building, staring at the skyline in front of him. His view was being obstructed by an identical 76 storey tower right in front him. Frowning, he reversed his direction, and proceeded towards the opposite side of the spacious terrace, where he sat still on … Continue reading Evil at the Top

The Beginning of Lord Sins

When Sins was 7 years old, and mature enough to remember and dwell on his memories, he saw the mighty train engine. The day had been a late one, with the full moon alight in the sky, in all its splendour, holding its gaze over the vast train network below. The image lay imprinted in … Continue reading The Beginning of Lord Sins

Habitual Intoxication

As Sins headed out via his apartment's gate, the winter fog enveloped him as if he were a grand new entrant in a famous theater play. The road felt like an infinitely stretched stage, on whose creaky boards passers by went about their daily routines half-heartedly. Sins knew he was at a crossroads in his … Continue reading Habitual Intoxication

Ignorance is Lazy

"I don't want your ghastly opinion, I want facts" "You're terming my opinion as ghastly. Isn't that your opinion?" "I'll ask you one last time. Why did you have to behave like that to her? Can't you stop questioning everything?" Sins didn't want to speak any more. He had had it. He was done with … Continue reading Ignorance is Lazy

Social Animals

"I'll find you and then I'll shoot you" "You haven't got a gun, nor do you have the money for it. Kindly stop bluffing and accept logic, which incidentally should be a by-product, of your undeserved privilege of being lucky to have studied at a good grad school" "What do you mean" "I need you … Continue reading Social Animals