The Tango of Thinking and Actually Doing Them

The substance was making him talkative. But he knew that not all talk was productive. In the sense, since speech was the output of a function of all the existing information and experience that the human mind had sought to understand or come into contact with, it is prudent to know that not all the … Continue reading The Tango of Thinking and Actually Doing Them

Make Way For The Eternal Optimist

He would often realize the error of his ways whenever he closed his eyes to account his monetary transactions into his Evernote. The Best Morning of his Life Emerging from the haze of incidents that had swept past him in the past couple of days after a few minutes of replaying his life in front … Continue reading Make Way For The Eternal Optimist

Everyone Wants The Same Fundamental Things. Stop and Think.

Sins had woken up earlier than usual. For a moment, he was tempted to close his eyes and let the upper region of his body drift downwards towards the makeshift pillow that he had created, composed of seven folded pants laid atop each other. He was able to resist the temptation easily. Aware that it … Continue reading Everyone Wants The Same Fundamental Things. Stop and Think.

The Rant of A Gentleman

Words couldn't describe Malcolm's state of mind. It wasn't shock. It wasn't angst, or sorrow or agony or any of the usual synonyms for occasions which caused distress, but rather a mixture of hate and peculiarity mired with a weird sense of confusion. His opposite numbers, two men and a woman he had been having … Continue reading The Rant of A Gentleman

The Dreams of Lord Sins

Sins hadn't seen a dream in weeks, and for some reason this fact bothered him because he believed dreams carried secret messages conveyed from his soul to his conscious, thinking self, his mind. Dreams were fascinating, they were like a puzzle, a riddle to solve, by associating images together through whatever logic possible, and most … Continue reading The Dreams of Lord Sins