Find CBD and THC-infused Cannabis Products In India

Disclaimer: This post does not promote the use of cannabis for recreational purposes (in smokable or eatable or drinkable or vaping form) in any way. The aim of this post is to educate and empower people about the cannabis economy’s three aspects – recreational, medicinal and industrial. Using cannabis’ flowers or buds directly for recreational … Continue reading Find CBD and THC-infused Cannabis Products In India

Relapsing, Recovering and Relapsing.

Time stood still when Sins felt the rumblings begin from the base of his stomach, just above his intestines, to rise up like a volcano through his food pipe. His legs were moving as fast as he could stagger drunkenly towards the toilet. A mixture of garlic bread, yogurt, fried chicken and banana cake erupted … Continue reading Relapsing, Recovering and Relapsing.