Virtual Reality Sex and the Joy of Creation

The Kush Hi! Welcome to the 6th edition of The Kush, our newsletter written specifically for Mondays and Tuesdays. How’re you doing? We’re approximately 130 odd days away from 2021. Yes, 2021! 2020 will go down in history as one of the longest or one of the fastest years in written human history. Not literally, … Continue reading Virtual Reality Sex and the Joy of Creation

Baby, I’m Addicted, I’m Out of Control

He had finally lost control. The thoughts had refused to go away. It had begun a few minutes after he had woken up. His sleep was much better than last night. He had dreamt, finally. After a long, long time. Maybe a few months. He couldn't understand what the trigger had been. Or maybe there … Continue reading Baby, I’m Addicted, I’m Out of Control

The Death of Mr. Sins

For a long, long time, Mr. Sins stared, at nothing in particular. He had begun the year in spectacular fashion. For a full two months he had continued, day after day, visualizing the time when he would be frolicking along a quaint coastal bed, hand in hand with the partner of his dreams. Three days … Continue reading The Death of Mr. Sins

Revealed: The Best Morning Of Your Life

Sins was having a great morning. Everything had gone exactly as he had imagined it to be, during the previous night, a couple of minutes before his consciousness had progressed towards a blissful state, where lights and objects of various shades and shapes had coalesced around each other like spirits gliding towards the starry night. … Continue reading Revealed: The Best Morning Of Your Life

You Can Change Yourself To Become Whatever You Want.

For as long as he could remember, irrespective of the characters and personalities of every individual he had met in his life so far, he had always preferred to focus on their best traits and ignore the worst ones, mainly because, he had realized that over the long-term, it paid to be good and do … Continue reading You Can Change Yourself To Become Whatever You Want.

Are You Having The Wildest Dreams Possible

"People are nicer, warmer and happier than you think. Give them a chance and don't be afraid to get hurt. That's what makes you who you are today. And you're pretty amazing" They had hugged briefly before she made her way towards the metro, on her way back to her home city the next day. … Continue reading Are You Having The Wildest Dreams Possible

Make Merry While The Sun Shines. The Sins of Fate.

As the day arrived to a close, for him, the rest of the world was already making merry and ruckus outside, getting drunk or high, either on industrially or naturally made substances, or their choice of company for the night, whose outcome could swing multiple ways depending on the choice of engaging gender. As far … Continue reading Make Merry While The Sun Shines. The Sins of Fate.

Dating Is A Technical Problem.

Helplessness was an understatement for the current predicament he found himself in. He also felt powerless, useless and reckless. The past forty eight hours had been a blur, with waves of objects, humans and trees intermingling with each other like couples, going in and out of his eye's frame of reference, refusing to let his … Continue reading Dating Is A Technical Problem.

The Mind Is The Master. Control Your Mind, Control Your Life. Thank You.

Sins walked out of the washroom feeling the lightest he had felt in years. He swigged a couple of gulps of warm beer and opened his laptop to begin working on a presentation that was long overdue. Finishing the beer, he decided not to go for a refill, but then, remembered he was out of … Continue reading The Mind Is The Master. Control Your Mind, Control Your Life. Thank You.

Bossed Around,Tossed Around, Screwed Around, For What? Worth.

He only opened his eyes because he could. Tossing around his mattress, that had been uncovered for days, piled with dirty clothes, junk food wrappers, old newspapers and seventeen empty cigarette packets containing ash, he spied Satan, the cockroach he had named so last night, after it flew straight for his mouth, as if intent … Continue reading Bossed Around,Tossed Around, Screwed Around, For What? Worth.

Emotions are Biochemical Algorithms, His Code had malfunctioned during Testing.

She stared at him in a weird way, as if never having seen him in such light before. Her eyes went wide, like a shaft of light that illuminated an eye, with the intent to shock, scream even. He stared back at her, his eyes as glazed as they had been in days, oozing its … Continue reading Emotions are Biochemical Algorithms, His Code had malfunctioned during Testing.

Champion. Fighter. Promotion.

Twenty two days ago, Sins had been promoted to become a Sales manager, which meant in addition to creating presentations and excel sheets for the company's existing and prospective clients, he would be making a lot of calls as well. This meant discipline, dedication, hard work and commitment. Sins had always been a hard worker, … Continue reading Champion. Fighter. Promotion.

The Age of Flesh

Starr woke up on a bright Sunday afternoon and promptly went back to sleep again. Beside her, Sins lay with his back slightly arched, working away on his laptop diligently, intently scouring for new brands and companies to pitch his business to. Sins loved prospecting like this, firmly lost inside the crevices of his mind, … Continue reading The Age of Flesh

The Sound of Sirens

Sins was taking a gigantic shit at six in the morning when the light in his bathroom went out. Left with nothing but the sound of his breathing and his butt spewing torrents of shit towards the splashing water beneath, he recalled how last night had been a disaster waiting to happen. He had started … Continue reading The Sound of Sirens

The Joy of Problems

Sins wept in silence. For the umpteenth time that day, he tried to sweep his feelings under an imaginary rug, but he couldn't. He couldn't come to terms with the amount of effort that it took to create value, and then watch it disintegrate right it front of his eyes, helpless and powerless at the … Continue reading The Joy of Problems

Bitter Bar

"Anarchy. Disarray. This is the world today", a drunk Sins told the woman he had met at the bar an hour back. The woman stared at him in slight amusement. The conversation had taken an interesting turn a couple of minutes back, morphing into the behaviour of the society that they were a part of, … Continue reading Bitter Bar

Starry Sins

Sins didn't like getting old. It was a bit narcissistic of him to think like that, but he couldn't help it. He didn't want to get old. After all, who did? No one, that's who. He was standing within an inch off his dusty mirror placed atop his bathroom's washbasin. Glaring at the wrinkles lined … Continue reading Starry Sins

The Story of Starr

Starr wasn't feeling well. Attributing it to the sudden change in temperature outside, she trudged morosely, without any feelings of productivity towards the kitchen to wolf down the three pieces of cheese burst pizza left over from last night. She couldn't find her phone, and it bothered her for some reason, probably the absence of … Continue reading The Story of Starr