I Can’t Sleep! Too Many Voices Trying To Talk To Me

He felt himself whimper and shudder with pleasure as the warm mounds of solid chocolate turned into semi-liquid, near the base of his tongue, squishing around his mouth as if he sought an overdose; no doubt expressed by the sight of himself on his smartphone self, with froths of milk chocolate all over his mouth. … Continue reading I Can’t Sleep! Too Many Voices Trying To Talk To Me

India’s Sleep Market Should Consider Medical Cannabis

Indians and the world in general have compromised on a lot of sleep. According to Fitbit (which was acquired by Google for $2 billion), Indians are the least active among 18 other countries considered in the study, logging only 6533 steps a day, a full 3600 steps lesser as compared to the most active country, … Continue reading India’s Sleep Market Should Consider Medical Cannabis

Do You Know What’s Worth Fighting For?

He covered her with two blankets, whispered a few words about their intertwined destinies in her ears and gently kissed her on the forehead, fighting back the urge to lie down with her on his arms. It wasn't fully dawn yet, he could just about make out the tinge of the first few rays, which … Continue reading Do You Know What’s Worth Fighting For?

How Much Can You Hate? Think.

For him, hate was something to be abhorred, something to be hated. It didn't matter who it was, or what it was. Hate was destructive and of no use whatsoever, even if it was being harnessed in order to accomplish something productive, because something built on hate could never leave a legacy behind. With time, … Continue reading How Much Can You Hate? Think.

Birthday Pizza

An ear splitting headache woke up Sins earlier than usual. He had never experienced such a sensation before, it felt like something was growing inside his head, reminding him of the theme of terrifying alien parasites breeding inside his body. He closed his eyes quickly at the thought. It was Sins' birthday today. He had … Continue reading Birthday Pizza

Enlightened and Free

"Are you gay?" Malcolm's mind went into overdrive, his brain's neuron connections linking together at light's speed to come up with an offended answer. Malcolm turned around in a flash, like a frog struck by lightning, jumpy and jittery at the same time. Firstly, he was struck by the feminine tone, it was soft, like … Continue reading Enlightened and Free