There Are No Fucking Answers

It didn't matter what others thought about him. He knew and understood this fact. But somehow, deep down, he felt it did matter and this matter, though it ought to be swatted away like an irksome, ugly fly, bothered him to some extent. After all, how could he get rid of the deep, deep evolutionary … Continue reading There Are No Fucking Answers

Complex Systems and Complex People

The sense of calm enveloped him like a crooning lover. It felt like..being balanced, homeostasis. He had finally reached equilibrium, the mode of being where focus, attention and being in a state of flow was all that mattered. Bedeviled by distractions on all sides, he felt as if his sense of attention had become blunt, … Continue reading Complex Systems and Complex People

How Can You Understand The World?

When Sins was five years old, he saw the mighty train engine. Mighty, as he called it, seemed like an understatement. As he slept that night, its sounds reverberated in his ears, causing him to wake up in the middle of the night, imagining that the earth had cracked into several pieces at once. The … Continue reading How Can You Understand The World?

Do You Know What’s Worth Fighting For?

He covered her with two blankets, whispered a few words about their intertwined destinies in her ears and gently kissed her on the forehead, fighting back the urge to lie down with her on his arms. It wasn't fully dawn yet, he could just about make out the tinge of the first few rays, which … Continue reading Do You Know What’s Worth Fighting For?