Thoughts in Time, Save Lives

The sunshine illuminated their grinning faces like the warmth of a rekindled friendship. Some of them could not remember the last time they had seen the sun. Drenched in its glow, surrounded by frolic, their skins wrapped in winter wear, the lawns seemed to have stirred their familiarity with the earth. The individuals watched the … Continue reading Thoughts in Time, Save Lives

I Can’t Sleep! Too Many Voices Trying To Talk To Me

He felt himself whimper and shudder with pleasure as the warm mounds of solid chocolate turned into semi-liquid, near the base of his tongue, squishing around his mouth as if he sought an overdose; no doubt expressed by the sight of himself on his smartphone self, with froths of milk chocolate all over his mouth. … Continue reading I Can’t Sleep! Too Many Voices Trying To Talk To Me

The Heart is Racing, It Keeps on Repeating

Three hearty swigs of freshly brewed beer later, Mr. Well reckoned that another couple of hearty swigs of beer were in order. He didn't drink often, preferring to let his body recover for days and weeks at a time before the next swig of beers. Mr. Well liked mind-altering substances and his preferred choices were … Continue reading The Heart is Racing, It Keeps on Repeating

The Quintessential Modern Life

"She's got a smile that it seems to me, reminds me of childhood memories, when everything was as great as the bright blue sky" "Really?" "Yes" "Awesome. So have you told her?" "That she's got a smile that reminds me of the bright blue sky? Not directly. I wrote a letter a few months back. … Continue reading The Quintessential Modern Life

Make Way For The Eternal Optimist

He would often realize the error of his ways whenever he closed his eyes to account his monetary transactions into his Evernote. The Best Morning of his Life Emerging from the haze of incidents that had swept past him in the past couple of days after a few minutes of replaying his life in front … Continue reading Make Way For The Eternal Optimist